Looking After Your Sense Of Style: A Dad's Guide

By Guest Contributor Jordan

Looking After Your Sense Of Style: A Dad's Guide

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A Dad’s Guide To Fashion

It’s easy to forget your self once you become a father. Responsibilities pile up and time that used to belong only to you, is now divided into various activities that you feel have taken control of your schedule. There is always something going on.

The modern dad has taken an active role in the lives of their kids. Being involved in more social activities and participating in the development of their children from early on. Nowadays it isn’t strange to see a dad wrapping a baby carrier around his worn t-shirt to connect with his newborn and give mom a hand.

Many dad’s use fatherhood as an excuse to let go and live in a constant whirlwind of jogging pants, jeans and t-shirts. You depend on basic’s that make like “easy” by just throwing the same old rags on without taking a glance in the mirror.

Your life has not ended. Don’t judge a book by its cover? Nah.We all know that society works on looks. So, pick yourself up and follow these simple guidelines to maintain yourself looking and feeling sharp!

Dress In Your Size

Most men gain a little weight once they settle down especially if you aren’t into the fit game. Nothing wrong with that. Men tend to forget that their bodies change or that life has changed, some are in denial that they are getting older and it’s a natural process to get a little thicker. So, size up without shame. Nobody wants to see your butt crack when you bend down to play with your child. At some point in your life it’s ok to go past the slim-fit section into the straight leg. Don’t worry, you don’t have to end up in dad jeans.

Basic Colors

Having one or two print’s in the closet will do no harm but if you’re looking for a foolproof style palette neutral colors are the way to go. It’s hard to tell when you wear the same knitted Tee twice when it’s grey or black. Constantly buying bright colors not only shows when the garment is getting old and discolored but it screams out every time you wear it out. Great colors to include are:

  • Camel
  • Navy
  • Olive
  • Black
  • White
  • Grey

Don’t forget to add some classic pattern’s like stripes, plaids and even micro-dots. These will add a touch of youth and fun to your basic’s without going overboard.

Loose The Brands

You buy clothes for you. Stop paying companies to showcase their brand. Minimize logo’s as much as possible, a small word or icon can add a touch of decoration to a plain polo shirt. Avoid any logo’s that can be read from miles away. You are not only making yourself look more sophisticated but in a sense you are giving an air of mystery to passerby’s, they’ll wonder where you got that which V-neck sweater that accentuates your dad figure.

Invest In Quality

If you’re considering revamping your wardrobe then you have a little cash to spend yet there is no need to overspend. If you need to buy less to get better quality then cut down on the quantity!

It’s easy to get great deals on clothes. Whether you buy online or go to the mall you’ll always find a discount. Part of saving is also being clear on what you want to buy. You can find great deals online for high quality clothing without spending a fortune if you use Jos A Bank discount codes. Be certain of what basics you’d like to start off with but also take into consideration those live-forever pieces were you’re allowed to divulge a little, for example:

  • Cable knit sweater
  • Navy blazer
  • Leather bomber

Beware of outlets, they offer discounted garments which are usually made of lower quality materials.


Men dismiss this area too many times. Often relating accessories to women’s fashion. There is a huge range of accessories that men can include into their wardrobe. Simple accessories make an outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary! Get a nice watch. Add a nice scarf to a jacket on a cool day.  Feeling insecure about thinning hair? Get yourself a nice fedora.

Shoes are the most obvious way to a man can accessorize. Unlike women, men are more practical when it comes to the amount of shoes they require. With so many options it’s important to choose wisely to reduce overspending and increase versatility. The following shoes will help you in almost any occasion:

  • The Brogue - Dress shoes that can be worn with slacks or jeans.
  • The Leather Boot - will give your outfit more character while providing comfort.
  • The White Low Top Trainer- Casual wear that you can wear anywhere! Heck match it with a nice suit and you’ll end up looking hip!
  • The Oxford - Necessary for formal events.
  • The Running Sneaker - Comfort can be combined with fashion by adding a splash of color with your sneakers.

Grooming helps

 Grooming is essential to maintain a well put together look. With the hustle and bustle of daily life it might seem hard to maintain a routine but this should be your main priority.

Beards should be given TLC. Many online shops give you the option of monthly subscriptions so you don’t have to worry about going out to purchase beard oils, balms or even razors as they will be sent out automatically. Can't grow a beard? Preserve a clean shave. With that being said, make an effort to purchase beard care products that actually work before dishing out the dollars for these kinds of products.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the activities going on in your life buy a small whiteboard and keep it in your grooming area, list all the things you need to do to keep yourself preserved such as:

  • Clipping nails
  • Barber appointments
  • Moisturizing

Go the extra mile and even add an at home facial every two weeks and don’t forget to include fragrances that will maintain a pep in your step! These simple procedures will not only have you looking good but will boost your confidence. Attitude play’s an important role in the way you carry yourself!

Don’t let yourself drag. As the saying goes, “Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.” If you believe you still got it, it will show with every step.

Hello! My name is Jordan and I'm the creator and owner of Beardicure.com. I was never able to fully grow a beard so I turned to the internet and began searching for tips, tricks, or anything else that could help me out. However, there were no solid "one stop" sites that taught me what I needed to know. I had to piece things together myself and that left room for many mistakes. 

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