Maintenance and Safety Go Hand in Hand: 5 Parts of Your Car That Require Regular Inspection

Car repair bills can snowball out of control when you don’t take good care of a car. Little things can become major overhauls that you regret not taking care of. And when something big remains unchecked, a car is more likely to get into an accident. Avoid costly repairs by getting a regular inspection of the most important parts of a car. These five things are the most troublesome repairs for cars when they aren’t maintained.

Oil And Oil Filter

An oil change is a basic car maintenance task that costs very little but can render a car unusable when neglected. Oil changes should be handled every three to six months or at an interval where the mileage exceeds the automobiles recommended specs. Modern day cars are a little better with oil usage, so there is a little bit of window where you can run on low oil without damaging your car. Keep in mind that during this period, multiple warning lights will be going off in your dashboard. At some point, avoiding an oil change is going to seriously damage the motor of a car and cause an accident. When that happens, can help, but you’ll still have to deal with a damaged car. There is a major difference between paying a couple of bucks for an oil change or paying for parts and labor with a motor. Even without the danger of low oil, an oil change also protects the engine from contaminants that collect over time. Think of it as a way to filter harmful minerals out of drinking water before you consume it. When you can take the time to drink clean water, keeping clean oil in your car should become second nature.


Electric cars are not the only vehicles that rely heavily on a battery. All cars need a battery to function, especially modern cars with complex electronics. This applies to all cars and trucks, even hybrids that run off of electricity and gas. A car battery is a complex thing that doesn’t really need a lot of care like the other parts. The only thing you have to do for a car battery is not abused it, and keep the connections clean. Rubber and plastic caps are implemented into new designs to make them more susceptible to harsh environments. Companies have also repositioned the battery in multiple cars based on feedback from past models. This may or may not raise car repair problems resulting from battery issues, but that is another story. A car battery should last half a decade before it needs to be replaced, with a yearly checkup more than enough to ensure you are never caught off guard. If you ever notice your car takes longer than normal to start up, you can suspect a battery or starter problem.


Good tires will literally take you around the world and back. But even the best tires in the world need to be taken care of. Keeping tires full of air will prevent them from going into early retirement. Some cars come equipped with sensors that let you know when tires need to be filled with air. It is important to not ignore these warnings since your tires are more vulnerable to damage when they’re not full.  Car owners without a dashboard warning can always use the eye test, and when that fails just put your hands on them. Full tires won’t have any give and should be solid as a rock. The tread on quality tires can last up to fifty-thousand miles, so most owners will get their money’s worth. Tire services are usually available from oil change businesses, so make sure to take advantage of the service when possible. As a final tip, avoid running on backup tires longer than necessary. They are not meant for daily use and should only be used in emergencies.


Usually, spark plugs and the starter would go in this position. With the rise of extra electric components in cars, electronics are now one of the biggest problems when left unchecked. Electronic issues should be dealt with immediately to prevent long term damage to a car. The moment something small happens, make a note of it and schedule an appointment for repair. A huge problem with electronic components in a car is that even for professionals, it is hard to track. An issue with the radio fading out might seem small but could potentially turn into an infinite power drain problem. One day you’ll go to start your car, and the engine will just keep turning over. Small problems with electronics in cars are always potential disasters waiting to happen. For electric cars, this becomes doubly important since there is a higher chance of failure when there is an electronic problem.


Over the lifetime of a car’s life, an alternator may be needed more than ten times- even if it is well maintained. The alternator is tied to multiple components of the car, so what may seem like a simple problem may trick a non-professional. With the alternator, issues with warning lights, dim dashboards, and a bad battery will take turns tormenting you. Manufacturers will often set up predetermined intervals on when an alternator needs to be replaced. So other than normal maintenance, there is nothing you can do to substantially extend the lifetime of the part. The alternator is destined to fail, the question is whether it will take you by surprise or be found out through regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep you in the know and prevent the car from being abandoned on the side of the road.

Wrap Up

All of the parts listed will cost you a lot of money when they are run into the ground. Stay up to date with your maintenance and safety checks to prevent your car from being a money sink. Save a lot of money by keeping a small problem small.