Male Pattern Baldness: Is FUE The Answer?

pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness: three words that strike dread into every man.  Although we don’t like to admit it, we all worry about losing our hair in one way or another. Whether it’s when we notice a bit of thinning on our crown, or that our hairline is crawling back a little quicker than we’d like, it’s an anxiety that plagues much of the male population. However, there is hope, with FUE hair transplant Turkey you can apparently see miraculous results of hair regrowth just months after receiving the treatment. So we’re going to take an in-depth look into the procedure to see whether FUE really is the answer to male pattern baldness.

What Is A FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a non-invasive hair transplant treatment whereby individual follicles are removed from your genetically hairier areas on your head and are then artistically restored to less endowed sections of the scalp to give the impression of a full head of hair.

This is achieved by a tiny instrument, which is less than a millimetre wide in diameter, making a tiny circular incision around a follicular unit to isolate the graft; these are then extracted and prepared for placement. This whole procedure tends to be completed in around 8 hours.

After the treatment, the small incisions made will begin to heal in a few days. As for results, you can expect to see some new hair growth by three months; however you’ll only see a significant increase in natural hair growth both from your native and transplanted hair at about six months.

Why Travel To Turkey?

So I hear you ask why travel all the way Turkey to receive a hair transplant? Well because it’s so much cheaper!

Britain’s cost of living is so expensive that the majority of cosmetic procedures are more affordable abroad then they are at home, and you wouldn’t be the only one making the trip overseas. 

More Brits than ever before are travelling to far flung destinations to receive their cosmetic treatments and with travellers saving between 40% - 80% on the cost of their respective procedures, you can hardly blame them.

It’s not that Turkey’s healthcare institutions are less sophisticated than the UK’s and that’s why it’s more affordable to receive a hair transplant there, in fact much of the Balkan’s country’s cosmetic surgery wards use exactly the same equipment and instruments as in Britain.

It’s the fact that the average cost of living is plainly lower in Turkey and as a direct result, labour costs are cheaper, medical supplies come at less of a premium and government taxes aren’t at such a high levy, making hair transplant treatments much more affordable.

Aren’t There Risks To Receiving Cosmetic Treatment Abroad?Now you like everyone would probably have seen the horror stories surrounding botched procedures received abroad sprinkled across the tabloids, however you can reduce the risk of these complications by completing some research.

With the use of public directories and social media, you can thoroughly vet each of the cosmetic clinics that offer to complete FUE hair transplants and find out whether they provide aftercare, who they tend to employ as staff and whether or not they only speak their native language.

You can also gather objective feedback on any specific physician or hair transplant centre you intend on receiving treatment from via online reviews.

So is FUE the answer to male pattern baldness? Well, it certainly goes some way to solving the conundrum, which will be faced by 50% of us before we even reach the age of 50. Either way whether you decide to opt for the treatment or not, we hope that this article has helped you to understand the procedure.