Modern Home Refurbishment Money Saving And Design Tips For Dads

If you are an ardent fan of Home and DIY, you doubtless follow the design trends that you see in magazines and on the HGTV Shows like ‘Love It Or List It’ of Flip Or Flop”. I don’t know about you, but I often envy how seamlessly the designers are able to work with their construction and decoration teams, with almost magical transformations taking place a breakneck speed.

Well for us average dads, these transformations seem like distant dreams. We are busy rushing the kids to school, trying to get to work on time, shopping and ferrying the kids around to various after school activities, like door-to-door charity fundraisers for their schools - they seem endless, don’t they? Just ask the about how time-consuming it can be to go around town with the kids pounding the pavements, knocking on doors, selling lemonade or selling cookies for charity.

But you still have this dream of decorating and refurbishing your home in that special way. Where do you spend the time and money and where do you start in all the madness? Let’s have a look.


Stick To The Basics

It’s tempting when undertaking decoration and repair of your home to look to change paint colors, furnishings, maybe paint the exterior and redo the kitchen and bathrooms. But have you ever gone house hunting looking for a new home and immediately fallen in love with a home?  Then you make an out an offer in on what looks like your dream home?

You then excitedly commission a survey and home inspection, only to find that there are major issues with the water heating system, roof and wood rot? It can be devastating and a deal breaker for many homebuyers.

So perhaps you should think how you can beautify your house and at the same time spend your heard-earned budget on items that will also add real value to the home.  For example, many multi-level homes have old poorly constructed stair or balcony railings which are unsightly and block valuable light in and around the home. In fact you can now find inexpensive glass railings which provide any home with a light, airy , minimalist and modern feel.  These can be installed on interior stairs, or outdoor garden decks, balconies, and they are stylish and easy to clean.

The investment will add value to your home and will really excite any prospective future buyer.


Bring On The (Solar) Heat

The fact is that as temperature winters everywhere seem to be more and more severe, the costs of heating any home and providing hot water is spiraling. Also, if (as you should be) concerned about environmental problems, it is a challenge to find a way to reduce your carbon footprint, which is increased by the use of conventional home furnaces which use environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

Now this next tip is not going to be an immediate feel-good refurbishment for you and your home, but if you implement it, your family and your pocketbook (and Mother earth…) will be grateful to you in the long run. Why not invest in a hydronic air to water solar heating system for your space heating and hot water? You can get great information on this from . This hidden asset will pay for itself in no time at all, and once again, any buyer will be licking their lips at the prospect of eliminating a utility bill altogether if they buy your home.

Do please share your best home refurbishment tips in the comments below.