Moving To Brisbane: Things You Need To Know Before You Move


A Good Place For Migration

Brisbane is less expensive than Sydney in terms of housing, by most accounts, and in accordance with present trends. What this ultimately ends up meaning is that you’re able to buy more with less in Brisbane, by a margin of about 10% (9.9%) in accordance with the hyperlink which initiates this writing. So $100 AU in Brisbane will buy you $9.90 more than the same money in Sydney.

That may not sound like much, but it adds up over time. If you make $40k a year, you’ll be about $4k richer in Brisbane than Sydney by year’s end. That’s certainly worth taking into account! The cost of your move, if you’re smart about it, can be overcome by your annual savings in Brisbane. And that’s not the only advantage of this well-known Australian metropolis.

As it turns out, Brisbane is in the top 25 list for most livable cities in the world (source:; other mentionable cities among the best in terms of living include New York, Johannesburg, Warsaw, Dublin, Brussels, Toronto, Dubai, Vancouver, Tokyo, Auckland, Boston, Sydney, and Melbourne. Brisbane should be proud to be among these heavy-hitters!

So here’s what things look like going in: you’re in the top twenty-five cities in the world if you make the move to Brisbane (though Sydney and Melbourne are also on the list). If that’s not enough, Brisbane will actually help you save about 10% of your buying power annually. Now, granted, you’re less likely to make the same wages at the same job in Brisbane, but the money you have will go further.

Moving To Brisbane: Things You Need To Know Before You Move

Getting A Feel For Brisbane

There are a few reasons for this disparity in buying power worth noting. Firstly, Brisbane is much smaller than Sydney, and has a more “country” feeling to it. Life isn’t so fast-paced. Traffic is going to be more manageable. Now it is true Brisbane doesn’t have any beaches, but there are a great number of them within an hour’s drive, and they’re not so crowded (usually).

In terms of climate, there’s a greater level of tropic humidity in Brisbane than in Sydney. Accordingly, nobody expects you at a business meeting in a suit or tie unless you’re buying the company, selling it, or have a funeral to get to.

To give a more stark contrast, the 2018 reckoning of Brisbane’s population put the city at 2.4 million, while Sydney is at more than 5 million people. So when you take that into account, suddenly the differences in pace of life and cost of living makes sense. That double the population only results in a 10% (roughly) disparity is something considerable.

Brisbane is about a ten to thirteen hour drive north of Sydney, depending on whether you go inland or via beach route. And the Gold Coast, well-known the world over, is just south of Brisbane, and close enough to be convenient to residents.

A Change Of Scenery

Many similar industries define the two cities, and both represent some of the largest population centers of Australia, meaning tourism, metropolitan atmosphere, and entertainment are at some of their most qualitative across the continent. There’s very little in Sydney you can’t find in Brisbane—except for the opera house, perhaps.

Now the distance between Sydney and Melbourne makes a regular commute impossible, unless you’re one of those people who don’t ever have to sleep. But in terms of finances, Brisbane is likely to be the better choice—and it’s much closer than Melbourne. If you want to make the most out of your buying power, while enjoying less-hustle and more laid-back conditions in a tropical environment, Brisbane is the place to go.