One For The Men: Gift Ideas For Your Wife

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This post is for all the married men out there. Or perhaps for married women to "subtly" leave open when they step away from the computer. Buying gifts is never easy, and it can be even harder when you're getting something for the person you love most. Even if your wife is your best friend and you know her better than anyone, you can still struggle. But remember that not everything you get her needs to top the last present. Otherwise, you'll soon be unable to get any better! I have some great gift ideas for wife birthday or any other occasion, especially if you've only just remembered that Valentine's Day is coming up. Don't worry, I won't tell!

Jewelry And Fashion Items

If you want to buy your wife something she can wear, you might not know where to start. But chances are that you know her style more than you think you do. You only have to think about what she normally wears to help you find something she'll love. Consider whether she tends to favor large, statement items or if she likes things small and subtle. Does she go for glitzy with extra color, or does she prefer to keep things more neutral? These factors will help you pick out something that she'll love. If it looks similar to something she already owns, you can't go wrong.

Image: Flickr/Alpha

Image: Flickr/Alpha

Fitness Gear

Of course, I won't hesitate to recommend something related to fitness. If your wife is a fitness fanatic, she'll appreciate something to help motivate her. But only give her something health-related if she's indicated that she's interested. Giving her a fitness DVD when she hasn't show the slightest interest could come across as a not so subtle hint that you want her to change. I recommend new gym clothes, a fitness tracker, or even supplements to keep her going. Some other things could keep her motivated too, like a new iPod.

Beauty Products

If your wife makes an effort to stay pretty, you could think about getting her some beauty products. But tread carefully when you choose them. You want them to say "I knew you would like this," not "I think you need this." Try looking at the products she already has to see if there's anything she needs to replenish. Or it might help you think of some ideas. You could end up buying some mascara, a moisturizer or a whitening serum for your dear wife.

Something To Do

Of course, women aren't just all about looking good (although we do all look good). We have plenty of other things going on in our lives too. If you want to steer away from anything to do with appearance, get her something related to a one of her hobbies. For example, perhaps she knits and you could get her some new wool and patterns to work with.

Being stumped for a gift doesn't mean you don't know your wife. But you still need to make an effort to think of something she'll love.

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