Outdoor Activities That Can Help You And Your Kids Really Connect

Outdoor Activities That Can Help You And Your Kids Really Connect

Being a dad in our modern world isn't easy, and being a good one can be super challenging. After all, you have to compete with all the modern and instantaneous tech that our kids have access to these days. However, there are still some fantastic ways of getting them out in the fresh air that can help you and your little ones bond. Read on to find out more.


What is a better way to spend some quality time with your children and to get them away from their televisions, smartphones, and Xboxes and out into the wilderness than a camping trip? Of course, for it to be a successful trip, you will need to do some careful planning beforehand.

Firstly, you will need to decide whereabouts you want to go. Choose from campgrounds that are local and have amenities like swimming pools and basketball courts if you are looking to beat boredom. Alternatively, if getting out of the rat race for a while and truly into nature is your goal, why not go for something more remote like a campsite that is located in one of the many national parks?

Once you have your location sorted, you will need to think carefully about the supplies you will take. Obviously, you will need somewhere to sleep, and unless you are using an RV, this will be a tent.

Remember as well that you will need food and water supplies, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment and utensils. In particular, you will need matches or a flint so you can get a campfire going, as this a fantastic place to sit and bond with your family while telling spooky stories and cooking up an evening meal. Just be sure that you know how to build and put out your fire safety. Something you can find out more about here.


Another fantastic outdoor activity for dads to do with their kids is to take them fishing. This won't be too tough either if you already fish as a hobby or you have done this activity before.

However, if you are as new to the fishing game as your kids are, you'll probably have a few questions that need to be answered before you set out. Luckily, you can look up information like this online including what rod, bait, or what type of fishing line to use? Something that can save a lot of umming and ahhing in the tackle shop. You may even want to order your tackle and supplies online so you can get going as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Of course, the best thing about fishing isn't necessarily landing a catch. Although this can be thrilling! In fact, it's often the uninterrupted time that you and your kids get to spend in each others company. A period that you can use for talking and catching up on their lives, or just being together in silence. Something that can really strengthen a father-child relationship and help them to know that you are always there if they need you.

You also have the option of teaching the kids how to prepare and cook the catch you have made during your day out together as well. Just imagine what a wonderful bonding experience; sitting around a fire and cooking the fish you have caught together could be!


If fishing and camping don't float your boat, then why not consider cycling as an outdoor activity that can bring you and your children closer together? After all, it is an activity that can be done in most places whether they are rural or urban, and can be suitable for many different fitness and activity levels as well.

There are even a variety of different styles to choose from, such as the more extreme and adrenaline filled mountain biking and BMXing, to speed biking, and the more sedate country and town rides.