Promotional Prowess - 5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Corporate Event

One of the toughest things about organizing an event is making sure you provide value. This is especially important when organizing corporate events. On such occasions, there’s added pressure to convey a particular message that resonates with event-goers. To help you create a successful experience that will leave a positive impression with every attendee, here are five tips on how to put together a killer corporate event.


1. Do your research

The best way to create a memorable event is to perform market research beforehand. Search for designs and trends that’ll draw people to your event, and measure the level of interest to find your ideal audience.  

The easiest way to conduct research is through online surveys. You’re also welcome to mine online social platforms for insights on what’s important to your audience.


2. Promote your event

Consider what your audience likes when it comes to promotional media. Do they like email, social media, radio, blogs, or promotional corporate gifts? These days, a mix of media is ideal.

You also need an active website that gives people a compelling reason to attend. For best results, allocate about 15% to 20% of the budget to promotion.


3. Develop an operational plan

An operational plan consists of the steps you need to take to reach your end goal. Organize your planning into roles to ensure everyone knows what their responsibilities are. Don’t forget to plan your infrastructure, (i.e., stages, microphones, and speakers), including all the things that you need and the people who are going to provide them. 

Also, think about the budget. How much money do you need and how do you plan on spending it? This is all part of the mental framework that should go into your operational plan.  

Don’t forget to use images and words to take the plan out of your mind and into a tangible blueprint of what your event is about. Make sure this blueprint aligns with your audience’s likes and preferences. This is where your research comes in. You and your team can use the data you’ve acquired to brainstorm ideas around the theme, design, and overall execution of the event.


4. Figure out venue criteria

This includes things like location, parking, venue size, and a host of other details. Once you have these minutiae figured out, it’s easier to search for and find the right venue. Create a shortlist of locations that fit your criteria and visit each one to see what it has to offer.  

If you’re struggling to find the perfect spot, consider talking to venue finding agencies or simply look online. You’d be surprised at the great venues you can find through Instagram!


5. Consider the program and entertainment

When people sign up to attend an event, they expect an appealing and engaging program. They don’t show up just to eat your food or have a convenient place to park their car for the day. You must give them things to learn, see, and do. This means having a mix of activities that’ll combine to create an unforgettable experience.  

Work with a corporate entertainer to design a program that’ll produce a relaxed yet exciting ambiance. The entertainment should also align with the theme of the event. Most importantly, your program should be impactful, valuable, and relevant.



Hosting a corporate event is one of the best ways to shine a spotlight on your company or a particular product. There are many ways to make your event fun, innovative, and informative at the same time. It takes a bit of planning, but once you understand what you want, it’s easier to put on a successful event.