Skills Every Dad Should Teach Their Child

dad in park.

Sometimes dad’s can seem less important that moms, especially in the first few year of a child's life. After all, mom is the one that carries them, births them, and feeds them when they are young. However, do remember that dads have many crucial roles in the raising of kids, including teaching them the skills that are listed below. Read on to find out more.


How to relate others

Dads are prime role model material, and that means as a father you are in one of the best positions to teach your kids how to relate to and treat other people.

 For many dads, this can be a bit of wake up call, as perhaps they haven't been interacting with folk in the way they would ideally like. It may be that they have been a little too aggressive, or not assertive enough, and as they become aware that their little ones look to them to model interaction, it can cause them to change.

 To do this successfully it vital that you consider things like being polite and respectful, and practice these whenever possible. Even if you are in a situation that is testing your patience. After all, you wouldn't want your kids to go off and have a massive tantrum at school because they didn't get their way, would you? That means you can't do this either!

 In addition, look at the way in which you relate to people and their requests. Are you a yes man? Do you agree without thinking or because you feel you can't say no? Is this something that you want to pass onto your kids, or do you want them to be able to stand in their own power no matter who is asking them to do something?

If it's the latter, then make sure that you are acting in line with this ethos in your interactions as well. In fact, it can even be useful to explicitly explain such interactions to your little ones when they are old enough to understand. Just remember to point out why you acted how you did, so they can learn how to do it in their own lives.


How to treat your significant other


Another skill that dads should teach their kids is how to treat their significant other, well. In fact, many relationships cite the reason for their breakdowns as the fact the one partner didn't want their kids to be the influence of by the poor treatment of the other.

 With this in mind, it's time to think about the way you deal with your other half and whether that is really what you want to be teaching your kids to do in their future relationships.

 For some people, this can mean a big life overall and a commitment to sorting out issues like addiction and depression that allow them to be a more stable influence. Something that, by the way, is an excellent example for your kids as it demonstrates that no matter what the situation you can take responsibility and improve things.

Others will have smaller tweaks to make in their relationships with the significant others. Including working on things like being able to discuss emotional situations, and making the other person feel special a bit more often.


How to drive

Learning to drive.jpg

Driving is one of the big things that dad can teach their kids to do when they reach the right age of course. That means heading out with them when they take their first turn behind the wheel and being as patient as possible when they get confused. It also means supporting them if their confidence is low and if they need some additional practice before they take their test.

Unfortunately, for many fathers, it also means providing a vehicle for their kids to learn in too. This can be a bit hair-raising if it is the shared family car, although buying the kids their own vehicle comes with concerns as well. Especially, as they can be so expensive!

 However, there are some great safety features in modern vehicles now that include ABS, collision avoidance systems, and even driver tracking. A gadget that allows you to see how safety the car is being driven even when you aren't in the car with them.  Something that can help your teenagers take greater responsibility for their driving and give you, as their dad a bit more peace of mind.


How to build a fire


One of those things that all dad should do with their kids is to teach them how to start a campfire. OK, so unless you are into the outdoors life as a family, the need for this can be very slim in modern life. However, it is still a valuable skill to learn, and can actually save lives in a tight spot.

To teach them this, you may want to show them how to construct a campfire with kindling and twigs, as well as how to create and use a fire starter kit to keep with them on camping and outdoor expeditions. Then they not only have the knowledge but also the resources to create warmth, light, and a cooking source if they do find themselves far away from civilization.


How to cook


A great skill that dads can pass onto their offspring is how to cook. For some dads, this may be about ensuring that the secret family recipe for burgers, meatloaf, or even BBQ sauce is passed down the line and survives another generation. Don't forget though, that dads have a great deal of influence over how their kids eat too.