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Why Champagne Is The Perfect Celebration Gift For Dads

Whether Fathers’ Day, his birthday, anniversary, job achievement or other special occasion, you just want to treat your dad to something special to show how much you love him, it can be difficult to decide how best to celebrate a dad’s milestone or achievements. So let’s take a look at how you can treat the dad in your life to a special champagne celebration.

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Many More Men Say They Want To Be Stay-At-Home Dads Than Actually Are

In response to Charles Murray’s piece about celebrating the social value of stay-at-home wives and mothers, my colleague Jim Tankersley asked (via Twitter) an excellent question: Why focus on stay-at-home women rather than stay-at-home men, given that women are accumulating more human capital than their male counterparts? Young women are more likely to get college degrees today than men are; doesn’t that suggest that women’s comparative advantage might lie in the workplace, while men’s lies at home?

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