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4 "Dad" Questions to Ask Before Renting a Crane

Experience is the number one factor to consider when considering renting a crane service. For Dads who are involved in managing commercial property or large-scale residential projects that require the use of a crane, here’s an overview how your builder or contractor goes about the process.  The following are four questions pros usually ask before renting a crane.

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The Modern Dad’s Guide to Painting: 5 Tips For Home Painting Projects

As both a painter and someone with lots of kids in my life, I know that painting can be tricky with a family. I’ve seen countless factors, from color and cost to chemicals and ladders, makes a father’s eyebrows furrow when faced with a painting project. After nearly two decades of experience in the painting industry, I’ve learned a handful of tips and tricks for making sure that a painting project is safely completed (and good-looking to boot). The most important factor, of course, is keeping your family safe.

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