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Ways to Keep Your Kid Interested in Learning After School

One of the most challenging tasks for the parents these days is making their kids complete their homework. . Also, it is to be noted that kids learn more when they actively work on their homework.

An important thing for every parent is to ensure is that if the kids are really interested in doing their homework. If not, then why? You can follow these tips to help your kids interested in their homework and eventually do well academically.

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5 ways to get young children to practise their instrument – with a smile on their face!

Aaah - the overwhelming pride as your child takes to the school stage! It matters not that you've heard 'Oh when the Saints go marching in' 145 times on repeat in the last two weeks. What does matter is that they are finally ready for the school concert. You've fought tooth and nail (literally) to get them to this point, bribed them with every top trump pack under the sun - you've even promised a trip to the Macdonalds Drive-in…

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