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How Being A Good Father Impacts The Mental Health Of Your Child

Parenting is a challenge, especially if you’re a dad. Good fathers are hard to come by, and it’s hard to determine if you’re being the best father you possibly can be. The important step is that you try. Doing so can help your children grow and be mentally well. With it being Mental Health Awareness Month, there are plenty of reasons as to why fatherhood is more important than ever. Here are some ways your kids can learn from you and be more mentally sound because of it.

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How Can You Help A Loved One Recover From A Drug Addiction?

It is likely that you know or have a loved one who suffers from drug addition, with over 20 million people in the USA suffering from drug and alcohol abuse issues and  the cost of treatment and incarceration run nearly $700 billion annually. So even if you feel that you know enough about drug addiction to know that you need to be on the lookout for the early symptoms of drug abuse in your loved one – but this can be challenging, and so here we will take a look at how to detect the early signs of addictive behavior, and how to best deal with such a difficult situation

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