The Best Ways To Tame An Unruly Beard

The Best Ways To Tame An Unruly Beard

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Beards have become very hot in recent years, and if you’ve seen a particularly majestic one you may have been working on your own for some time. This also means that a variety of beard grooming kits have become very popular Although not shaving sounds pretty simple on paper, growing a great beard isn’t quite so straightforward. If your beard’s making you look more like a crazy hermit than a rugged sailor, here are a few ways to tame a naturally wild beard.


If you’ve ever got a whiffle and then tried to get back to your regular hair, you’ll know that there’s a week or two where you have the shorn, fuzzy head of a soldier, and there isn’t much you can do about it other than let your hair do its thing, and grow long enough for it to fall into place under its own weight. Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your face can go through transitional periods. If your beard is seeming patchy or scraggly in certain areas, then it may be worth just taking a backseat and seeing if the issues work themselves out. Yes, this isn’t the most reliable way to get your beard back on track, it’s certainly the easiest and works for some men.

Equip Yourself

Even the earliest civilizations had beard grooming tools. If you’re struggling on with nothing but a disposable razor and a pair of scissors, then the secret to taming your beard could be in the tools you’re using. An electric beard trimmer should be a part of your grooming arsenal at the very least, so get out there and find the best beard trimmer within your budget. After that, you should be filling your shaving kit with all the right products. Beard shampoo and conditioner will smooth out the texture, and reduce any itching or irritation that you may be experiencing. Beard oils, balms and butter are also great for moisturizing the skin of your face, and preventing dandruff. There are countless grooming products for taming your beard out there, so do your research and get yourself well-equipped. Be sure to also check out this top 10 best beard trimmer list from the review team at Groom + Style.


Stop Washing It Every Day

Although beard shampoo and conditioner can be great when used sparingly, it’s a big mistake to wash your beard every day as a ritual. Keeping it to once every other day, or every three if you’re still in the early stages, will keep it in the best possible condition. When you wash your beard every day, it strips out all the healthy natural oils that would have accumulated, and helped to make it more manageable. It can be pretty confusing for men who use shampoo and conditioner on their beards every morning, and watch it becoming more wiry and unpleasant to look at with time. If this sounds familiar, consider the possibility that your beard looks bad because you’ve been washing it every day. Once you start cutting down, don’t let your wife or girlfriend tell you that it’s gross either – women have been using this trick for years. On their regular hair that is, not their beards.