The Great Escape: Top 5 Escape Rooms in Oklahoma City

There are a lot of benefits to play, as an adult, but it can be hard to find the time to just enjoy yourself when you have competing demands on your 'free' time. One way that you can spend time with people you love, bond with your family, and have a lot of fun is to try one of the escape rooms in Oklahoma city.

If you've never tried an escape room before, they're an interactive puzzle experience that has become a global craze. You get 'locked in' to a themed room, and have to problem solve your way out within the time limit. Themes can vary, so there's usually something for everyone's taste.

Best Escape Rooms in Oklahoma City

There are a few different escape games in Oklahoma City, so we've done some research for you and come up with this list of some of the best.

Sixth Sense Escape Rooms

Sixth Sense offers four different rooms; the simplest is Help Save Christmas, which is suitable for kids to play. Rooms get progressively harder through Prison Break and Casino Heist while the toughest nut to crack is Inheritance—can you find the treasure before the house is demolished? Sixth Sense is consistently rated one of the best escape rooms in the Oklahoma City Area


This company offers five different escape room scenarios. The unique thing about Breakout is what's at stake. You could be trying to escape the lava flow from an erupting volcano, hunting down a kidnapper, or trying to stop a runaway train. If you're looking for adrenalin, these are amongst the best escape rooms in Oklahoma City.

The Escape

The first of the escape rooms near Oklahoma City, The Escape now has six game-rooms to pick from including the upcoming Tides of Treason which has a pirate theme. With games and puzzlers of all ages, you can help find the antidote to a poisoner's potion, make your escape as a spy, or crack a good old Whodunnit.

Baker Street Escapes

Have you ever thought of yourself as Holmes or Watson? If you have, then this escape room will be right up your (cobbled) street. Each room has a Sherlockian theme, whether it's A Study in Yellow, The Professors Adventure or The One With the Dragon. You're obliged to get there in a hansom and shout, 'The games afoot!'

The Sanctuary

Currently working on their third game, you can enjoy either of The Sanctuary's first two offerings in the meantime; The Lost Dutchman's Mine is a treasure hunt whereas La Famiglia takes you into the world of mob bosses.

Ready to Play?

We hope this guide to escape rooms in Oklahoma City has inspired you to look for new and different ways to enjoy time with your family. If you'd like more advice on family matters, and how to take care of yourself in an increasingly busy world, then you can follow this link to our podcast where Jim himself will keep you up to date with news and ideas.