The Surprising Benefits Of Puzzles For Adults

puzzle benefits

Researchers have for a long time conducted studies to reveal the importance of puzzles to human mental development. Several studies have concluded that puzzles enhance intellectual process especially psychological development. With the new technology, children have opted for video gaming than collecting the traditional puzzles. Adults have turned to puzzles to challenge their minds. Do adults benefit from puzzles? Continue reading this to find the surprising benefits of puzzles for adults.


1.      Boost memory

The process of finding solutions to puzzles enhances existing connections between one’s brain cells. This boosts the brain’s capacity to generate new relationships that speed up mental and thought process. Puzzles have proved to be beneficial across all ages. With their age, adults especially seniors face difficulties in recollecting their minds. Jigsaw puzzles are effective in strengthening their short-term memories because they require recollection of colors and shapes. In order to come up with the bigger picture, seniors need to imagine which pieces to put together to make a complete picture.


2.      Empowers problem-solving skills

Puzzles involve series of trial and error processes. Individuals learn to try different approaches to solve a puzzle. One needs to think critically to come up with a creative solution for the puzzle. Through puzzles, adults get an opportunity to learn to advance theories and instantly change their perspectives if one theory fails. The process enables them to develop better problem-solving skills to handle their daily lives. Adults improve their productivity through better problem-solving skills.


3.      Improve intelligent quotient (IQ)

Puzzles test an individual’s innermost reasoning capability. They elicit deep and well though responses. Frequent interaction with tough puzzles helps one to develop memory, vocabulary and reasoning. Adults learn to process information faster as they struggle to establish correct solutions to puzzles. Individuals who possess the ability to process information fast have enhanced intelligent quotient.


4.      Nurtures the ability to meditate

Studies have indicated that puzzles act as a pathway to psychological relaxation. When an individual goes through a list of puzzles, it is necessary to contemplate the solutions. The period of finding the solutions for the puzzles puts one’s mind in a meditative state. The relaxation that follows enhances one to attain a peaceful mind. This enables adults to manage their stress and other life issues that negatively affect their productivity. Enhanced mind tranquility assists adults to achieve self confidence that promote their social well-being.


5.      Boosts their mood

Puzzles accelerate production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulation of mood and feelings. Dopamine also influences an individual’s memory, motivation and concentration. Every time an adult solves a puzzle, dopamine is secreted giving the person courage to solve more puzzles. The desire to solve more puzzles can be reflected in the daily lives of adults enabling them to perform their tasks with renewed energy. This enhances their productivity.

The significance of a puzzle depends on the complexity and the extent to which it challenges the mind. Different people possess unique desires to solve puzzles. Puzzles are particularly important to seniors because they boost their memory; enhance their problem-solving skills, intelligent quotient, meditation and mood.


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