The Surprising Benefits Of Using Oil Heating To Warm Your Home

Every parent will understand the constant mental battle between wanting a cosy home and trying to keep on top of pesky energy bills.

When there are kids involved though, it simply isn’t safe to have a cold home, so it is important to find a central heating system that works for you.

Of course, there are gas heating systems, which are widely used across the UK because of how inclusive the national grid is - practically any house has a gas connection. Despite this though, there are houses in more rural areas that don’t have the option of using a gas boiler to keep their home cosy. For these families, there are other options that are just as viable, if not more! 

One great heating option for people living in the countryside or those who live in larger houses is oil heating.

There are a number of reasons why using domestic heating oil can really benefit your family in terms of cost, efficiency and safety.

Should you use heating oil in your family home?

Save money

Firstly, oil heating systems can actually save you a significant amount of money when it comes to your energy bills. You may be sceptical about this statement as many would assume it to cost more than the average gas central heating. This is not necessarily the case, if you have a relatively new and high-quality system installed, it will be as efficient if not more efficient than using your average gas boiler.  

The amount of oil that needs to be used to heat an entire home is far less than the amount of gas that would be required, meaning you would get much more value for your money using oil. As well as oil heating being highly efficient due to the amount of heat given off per unit, the prices of oil tend to fluctuate over the years and recently they have decreased significantly, so it’s a no-brainer. In 2015 it was found that heating oil is the cheapest domestic fuel to use in your home - costing £119 less than gas central heating to heat a three bedroom home! 

Rix are an independent and family-owned company who supply high-quality heating oil and central heating systems to a range of clients across the UK. They can help with the whole process of using oil heating in your home depending on your needs, from installing and maintaining your storage tank and boiler, to regularly delivering your oil supply. As well as providing consistently high-quality services, their domestic heating oil prices are very reasonable.

Available to anyone

On top of the fact that oil heating is highly efficient and can save you money, it is available to most homes in the UK, unlike gas heating. Even if your home is connected to the grid, oil may be a better option for you. 

All you would need is enough space for an oil storage tank - these can be kept outside your home or in a basement, but it is best to find somewhere less visible. They are usually not very nice to look at! Keep in mind that your oil supplier will need easy access to the storage tank for when they regularly deliver your oil supply.


Another bonus, especially for family homes where there are a lot of kids running around, is the safety and peace of mind that comes along with using oil heating. With gas boilers, there is always the risk of gas leaking, with the problem being that gas is invisible so very hard to detect. Although every family should have provisions in place, such as carbon monoxide detectors, there is still an increased risk in comparison to oil boilers. If an oil boiler was to leak, the problem would be obvious and easy for an oil company to fix.


Finally, oil heating is a super fast method to get your house from chilly to cosy in no time. The force and temperatures used by oil central heating systems make them far more efficient. You can warm your house up quickly meaning you don’t need to keep the boiler on for as long. Even if your house is in the middle of nowhere and huge, heating oil will have it feeling homely asap. A cosy home and money saved = a win-win situation.