Top Natural Aids To Fight Insomnia For Dads

sleeping-time-Top Natural Aids To Fight Insomnia For Dads

Fathers have a lot to handle both in the home and also at work. At home, there are pressures of ensuring that the family is well fed and that every family member gets whatever she or he desires. At work, well, dealing with some troublesome bosses and coworkers can stress even the most carefree man. The combination of all the stresses that dads face on many occasions lead to insomnia. In light of this, this article seeks to share with all dads who find themselves in this predicament with the top natural aids that help them fight insomnia.

Learning to Manage Stress

From the short introduction above, you can see that one of the major factors which lead to insomnia is stress. As such, in order to fight insomnia, you need to learn to manage stress and ultimately lead a stress-free life. While this may seem impossible at first, it’s actually doable. There are a number of ways that help you manage your stress and from these, you are likely going to find one or more methods that work for you. Journaling is one such method when bedtime comes, just pull out your journal and start writing down the positive things that happened during your day. You will realize that as you write down the positive stuff, all the negativity and stress that’s weighing you down will subside and you can sleep in peace. You can also visit such as on your mobile and play some simple games that take your mind off the stressful stuff. Other ways to manage stress include doing yoga, exercising and painting.

Stay In the Sun for Some Time Especially In the Morning

This is a great strategy to fight insomnia but because it’s linked to weather patterns, it means that you can only apply it during the summer when the sun comes out. Every morning, take some time to bask under the sun. The reasoning behind this is that a human body relies on natural light to determine what time of the day it is. When the body figures out that it’s daytime, it will energize the body letting you stay awake during the day. However, when the light finally disappears (when it’s nighttime), your body will figure out that it is nighttime, thus you become sleepy.

Eating Pro Sleep Foods

This may come as a surprise but the truth is that the food which you eat plays a part in how you sleep. There are some foods which make you go to bed early and sleep like an angel while at the same time, there are some foods that keep you wide awake for the longest time during the night. Some of the foods that you should eat when looking for a long deep sleep include cheese, almonds, salmon, whole grain crackers, cherries, low-fat milk, and bananas. The foods which are widely regarded to cause sleeplessness i.e. the foods which you should stay away from when you want to fight insomnia include coffee and other caffeine-rich stuff, alcohol, spicy foods and fatty foods.