6 Rules For Fathers Of Ladies And Gentlemen

By Guest Contributor Francesca Russo

6 Rules For Fathers Of Ladies And Gentlemen

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Every parent wants to raise a real lady or gentleman. Fortunately, this desire is supported by nature as children learn and develop by copying what you do and like to do everything like “daddy does”. Such copying makes them feel that they are being “big”. So you are a role model for your child, you must never forget about it. If you`re ready to step up to the plate here are 6 rules that help you to bring up an incredible lady or true gentleman.

Be A Role Model For Your Child In Everything And Start Right Now

You are the most powerful role model for your child. It's no matter whether you're a dad of daughter or son. If you have a son, he`ll copy your pattern of behavior with your wife and all the women around. If you have a daughter, she'll understand how a real man must treat a woman. In both cases, you show your child what the healthy relationship in the family means. Start immediately being a role model as the habits that the children acquire at a young age tend to stick with them as they grow older.

Foster The Concept “Be Kind To Others”

Show your kid that as you will treat other people as they will treat you. A real lady or gentlemen should be patient and tolerant of people and you must teach your child leading by example.

Cultivate And Teach Your Kid The Value Of Values

Courage, honesty, self-discipline, kindness, compassion, dependability, gratefulness, generosity. These kinds of values you must develop in yourself and cultivate in your child. They lay the foundation for your child to become a good person.

Reinforce Respect

First of all, you must act respectfully with your kid and then you'll have the right of demanding respect for you. This will help your child feel that you treat your son or daughter as a grown-up and develop self-respect.

Prepare Your Child For Social Life

Show your child that life is the art of social exchange, adapt your child for real life and help to socialize. Show-and-tell how important it is the eye contact, body language, greeting, meeting and a handshake. Explain that this is essential for a lady or gentlemen for making friends and keeping them.

Explain Your Child Rules For Courteous Behavior

Be courteous everywhere and with everyone either it is a phone talk or correspondence online. Advocate the importance of being well-mannered as this helps your child be confident in all future social experience.

Just you can raise a personality – a lady or gentleman. Everything depends on you. Only leading by example, you can reach the main goal of your life. It`s not so easy to do, but at the same time not so difficult!

Written by Francesca Russo http://sweetytextmessages.com.

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