Top Tech Gadgets For Busy New Dads


Fulfilling the role of a modern-day dad comes equipped with some pretty lofty demands on your time, energy, and sanity.  Modern fathers are becoming much more involved in the lives of their children, and sometimes it helps to have help.

If you’re a hands-on father, then you understand the challenge of juggling several different roles in life.  Your children should always be at the top of your priority list, and these tech gadgets will help to expand your efficiency as a dad.  

Here is a brief breakdown of some of the coolest (and most handy) tech gadgets for dads. Check it out, and consider how you might lighten your fatherly load a bit this year.

Keep track of your kids with V. ALRT

The day has come when you can keep track of your young children with wearable GPS trackers.  For as little as $50-60, you can know where your kid is within a specific range. Keep your brood close and safe as they cross the road walking to school.  

A simple app download on your smartphone will keep you in tune with your child 24/7.  The device also detects falls and possible injury, so you can quickly respond in the case that your child is injured.  

Baby movement monitor with wireless sensor pad

Your ears may not always come through when your baby needs you.  With a baby movement monitor, you can not only maintain a visual on your baby at all times, but you will also be informed at the first sign of movement.  

Visual and audible notification methods are available.  There are also separate movement detection methods. One setting will let you know when baby stirs from their nap, and the other setting will notify you if there is more than 20 seconds of silence during your baby’s playtime.  

Snugglebundl for when baby is sound asleep

For all the times when your baby falls asleep in the car seat, you could use the Snugglebundl. This handy contraption will help you to lift your baby out of the car seat in one simple motion, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting their nap.  

This is no ordinary snuggly blanket.  The Snugglebundl is equipped with built-in head support and a function to control cooling and warming for baby.

Try the Squirt Spoon for more efficient feeding times

Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with baby, a food jar, and a spoon at feeding time.  The Squirt Spoon is designed in such a way that busy dads have at least one free hand during dinner.  

Just load a jar of baby food into the handle of the spoon, and squirt small, bite-sized portions into the spoon after each bite.  The Squirt Spoon holds a full, large jar of food, and won’t leave mush all over you or the baby.  

Braun No-Touch thermometer when baby is sick

The Braun No-Touch thermometer is great for taking your child’s temperature when they aren’t feeling well.  The best thing about this tech gadget is that it’ll come in handy no matter how old your children grow.