Tote Bag And Others Chic Bags That Are In Vogue In 2019

For the women in your life, fashion, and accessories go hand-in-hand! And when it comes to bags and handbags, no woman can get enough of fashionable and stylish bags. Thanks to the evolving fashion trends that enable women to choose from an extensive and interesting collection of handbags. And if it's a hobo or a tote bag that has tweaked her interest, help her to go for it. Your friends and family might as well call her a handbag hoarder! But if she loves flaunting your bags, do that unapologetically.

Every year the fashion journals and glossy style magazines talk about the trends that are in vogue! Are you keen to update your wife’s handbag shelf in your cupboard with the latest handbag trend? If yes, you can take a look at the seven interesting handbag trend that is popular in 2019, discussed below.

1.      The casual and chic tote bag

It is one popular category! And almost every woman loves to hoard more of this category. A tote bag is often known as a beach bag or a shopping bag. But keeping in mind the modern-day designs and variants, you can use it as a daily bag for your office, carry it to an evening date and also pair it up with your weekend getaway. There are multiple varieties to select from. You can choose from the medium to the small sized tote bags.

The bag bottom sits flat on the ground. Its sides have a high-rise design, but they are not always stiff. The handles are longer, and you can customize it to your preferred length. The space is average and can accommodate your daily belongings comfortably. You can also choose from the super big tote bag that is also gaining prominence today.

2.      The cute little backpack purse

Going by its name, this is a petite little bag you have on your back! Inspired, from the conventional backpack, the backpack purse is a cute and chic blend of your clutch and a backpack. It's slightly bigger than your clutch or purse. If you have been looking for a break from the large handbags, you will find this a delightful option. The backpack purse looks minimal and casual. Typically, it is available in sober colors. Some designers design the backpack purses, almost in the same size as a backpack. So, if you love to travel and want to carry a stylish backpack, this could be an excellent option for you. Also, you can pair this bag with your activewear or athleisure wear as well.

3.      The quirky barrel bag

Don’t let the name make you shy away from it! The barrel bag is a smart bag, with a cylinder shape and is slightly bigger than the baguette bag. The bag straps are usually longer, and it enables a better drip. You can choose the standard big size or the medium size as well. Also, the designs are varied. You can select from the casual designs or the dressy ones, based on your design, size preference, and the occasion where you would be carrying it.

4.      The uncommon frame bag

It is not a common choice for most women! But if you love to flaunt a bag that will help you to make a statement, without going over the top, a frame bag is the best choice. It has a distinctive silhouette, a firm bottom, and stiff sides. Its' size is medium, and it can stand upright. Most frame bags come in a trapezoidal shape, which makes them stand out from the other bag types. You can use it both as casual and business wear. It comes with a smart shoulder strap and a compact handheld form and design.

5.      The utility-based doctor's bag

The doctor’s bag is designed for practical purposes, but it also looks stylish! If you prefer big bags, it is one of the best choices for you. It exceeds the saddle bag and the backpack as well, in terms of the size. The bag comes with a firm bottom and short handles, which helps this bag to stand upright. There is also the metal clasp and the fixed frame that makes the bag a smart accessory for occasions where you need to look slightly dressy.

6.      The casual and sturdy duffle bag

Most women would have one of this in their bag shelf! If you don't, you can pick one that is your favorite design, shape, and color. It looks close to a barrel bag, but is categorically different, both in shape and its utility as well. It has rounded ends and comes in a flat size. The strap is long, and it has extra space. One of the best types of duffle bags is longer and is apt for both athletic and casual purposes. You can even use it as your vacation bag. You can select from the small silhouettes as well.

7.      The simple and sober hobo bags

Back in the 2010s, this bag was fashion hype! In between, it experienced a lull, but today it is again coming to prominence, with many designers recreating it with interesting designs, cut and shape. If you are mostly into casual wear, this bag with its slouchy silhouette will do wonders for you. Women, who have a Bohemian dressing sense, often count on this bag as their everyday accessory. You will find the hobo bags in multiple colors. Some designers are experimenting and giving this bag a firm form and long handles that you can customize based on your need and preference. Usually, this bag gets made of soft materials and takes on a very crescent shape.

You can use a hobo bag for your regular girl outing, an evening date as well as for your parties. Select from the multiple designs and colors that are available.

Bags and handbags complement a woman's entire dress code! It adds to your persona and also gives you a feel-good factor, for sporting a bag that in fashion. However, it is essential to choose and buy the correct variant online and ensure that your bag is durable and of good quality. Hence, it is crucial that you only opt-in for the reputed online stores and brands that provide value for money.