Using CBD Products For Wellness and Beauty

By now, you probably already know a thing or two about the health benefits of CBD products. From pain relief to anxiety and depression reduction, to heart health and so much more, it’s no surprise that CBD oil is making headlines around every corner. But its popularity is not only a result of its disease-preventing and stress-relieving properties.

The cannabis-derived compound that was once associated with lazy stoners is also gaining an image as a legitimate wellness and beauty product. You can now find it in everything from face creams to shampoos to mascara to lip balms and so much more.

But what makes CBD oil such a potent wellness and beauty product? Read on to find out as we take a look at how you can use CBD oil to glow-up and stay healthy.

Why is CBD Oil in Everything?

Now that stigma is dwindling and cannabis is becoming legal in the majority of states, consumers are starting to learn more about CBD oil and its health benefits. Beauty companies are also learning about the properties of CBD oil, which include anti-inflammation, essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E.

These properties happen to be particularly beneficial for our health. In the realm of beauty, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil take center stage. It’s believed to help with everything from dry skin to eczema to acne to psoriasis, which is why CBD oil is in so many skincare products.

Additionally, CBD oil is free from the many side-effects that come with typical skincare medications, especially those geared towards treating acne, like Accutane and benzoyl peroxide. Of course, we’re still in the early stages of research around the subject, but current evidence is promising to say the least.

Different Types of CBD in Beauty Products

You may have heard about the different types of CBD oil - namely full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate. Here’s what sets them apart:

Full Spectrum: This type of extract is believed to be the most effective as it contains all the cannabinoids. This includes minerals, vitamins, terpenes and omega fatty acids. Therefore, it’s supposed to provide the largest list of benefits.

Broad Spectrum: Unlike full spectrum extract, broad spectrum extract doesn’t contain THC, and other cannabinoids that were lost in the THC removal process are added back in with a CBD isolate. This is better suited for those who want to avoid THC in their products.

Isolate: Also known as pure CBD, as it doesn’t contain any other components such as oils, waxes and other cannabinoids. While isolate is the cleanest form of CBD, it may not be as effective as the above extracts, since it lacks some of the health benefits that come with certain compounds.

Hemp vs CBD for Skincare

Hemp oil doesn’t contain the active ingredient potential of CBD oil, but works well as a non-comedogenic moisturizer, which means it won’t result in breakouts. CBD oil is heavier and more viscous, but contains the compounds that combat acne and calm irritated skin. CBD oil is therefore the more effective choice as a skincare product.

The Future of CBD in Wellness and Beauty

It’s safe to say that CBD has a bright future in the wellness and beauty industry. As we learn more about what it can do for us, the product will only grow in popularity. This opens up the opportunity for business-minded beauty experts to cash in on the industry while it’s hot. A popular and affordable way is to become a CBD oil distributor. Head to the following link to learn more about the business that’s at the forefront of this industry.

It’s clear that CBD is set to be a major player in the wellness and beauty industry moving forward. Only time will tell just how much we can benefit from the impressive plant.