Visit These Places To Experience The Thrill Of Horseback Jungle Safari


Imagine exploring nature's most beautiful creations on horseback. You can takea lazy stroll and memorize every sight and scenery, or you can pick up the speed and experience the most thrilling ride of your life! All of that is possible when you go on a horseback jungle safari. Managed by expert guides, horseback jungle safaris enable you to explore the wild beauty of the woods while riding calm and trained horses. If it sounds like something you want to experience, here are the top spots that you should have on your bucket list.


Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana

In between the dry and wet season, the Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana is an ideal ground for a horse safari. The time between November and April is the green season when algae grow, pink flamingos arrive, and the crustaceans thrive. It is the time for migratory birds as well. You may also spot wildebeest and zebra that come to feast on the fresh grass.

The dry season, on the other hand, makes the region arid and isolated. However, there is beauty in that as well. During this time, distinctive dessert species such as meerkats visit the land. Both seasons are ideal for horseback safaris, and you can book your trip depending on the scenery that appeals to you the most!


Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir

The celestial beauty of this land takes horse riding to a whole new level. While on a horseback safari in this region, you can explore places such as Aru Valley, Koholoi Glacier, and Betaab Valley among others. Horseback safari in Pahalgam allows travelers to explore more of natural wilderness than animals. If you love horse riding, then chances are the spectacle will make you reminisce about breeders cup race 6 as you travel.


Mavuradonha in Zimbabwe

When in Zimbabwe, you must explore the Great Dyke Mountains on horseback. If you are an adventure seeker, this horseback safari will ask you to stretch your limits beyond your expectations. As you are on the journey, you will find the zebras attempting to collect mares in their team. Few sections of horseback safari in Mavuradonha can be slightly unplanned. You progress depending on the route conditions. However, you will have expert guides by your side at all times.


Chyulu Hills in Kenya

Said to be one of the youngest volcanoes in the world, the Chyulu Hills is an excellent horseback safari site! Located between the Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks, the region offers panoramic views of the plains. The beauty of the backdrop is unparalleled! On your safari, you can expect to witness migratory birds, wild elephants, lions, cheetahs and much more. You will also have a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro across the horizon. Here you will even come across the olDonyo Lodge that is popular among travelers on a horseback safari. Expert horse riders will love this safari for its variety.

 A well-planned horseback jungle safari can help you make memories for life. You feel a thrill as your horse steps close to a seated deer or a herd of wild buffalos. A horseback jungle safari blends the wild, beautiful and mysterious all in one. If you have been planning for one, pick any of the places mentioned above!