What To Give Your Man For Christmas? An Unforgettable Experience!

By Guest Contributor Dakota Murphey

What To Give Your Man For Christmas? An Unforgettable Experience!

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Christmas shopping for the man in your life can be the hardest thing. What do you do when he’s just not that bothered about fashion or shopping, or any presents even, insisting that he has everything he needs? Well, there’s a perfect solution: give him an experience he won’t forget in a hurry.

You see, as his significant other, you have a huge advantage. You know exactly what he likes, what presses his buttons and what ticks his boxes. Tap into his innermost desires and give him exactly what he wants. He’ll love you all the more for it.

Here, Dakota Murphey worked with UK experience provider Into the Blue to look for the perfect gift this Christmas for dads!

Easy Rider

Get the motor running… and have the most fun it is possible to have on two wheels – we’re talking Harley Davidsons! Riding a Harley is high on the bucket list of many men and a motorbike experience day with this, the ultimate of bikes, is sure to make him feel like the King of the Road.

With a whole lot of horsepower between his legs, let him channel his inner Hell’s Angel and show you a real good time. Feel the wind in your hair as you ride pillion on one of these iconic American bikes. Speed off into the distance, down windy country roads, destination Brighton seafront or Stonehenge perhaps?

No need for a motorbike licence even; Harley operators can offer Harley hire as well as passenger rides. If he does have a licence and is thinking of one day treating himself to a bike, he’ll be thrilled to have the chance to get his hands on one of these classic beauties close up. Harleys aren’t cheap to buy, so it’s the perfect way to try one out for a day.

Outdoor Adventure

Is your guy the outdoor type? Does he like getting down and dirty in the open air? Let him experience a day or weekend in the wilderness and test his mettle against the natural environment. Whether he models himself on Bear Grylls or is curious to learn back-to-basics bushcraft skills, it’ll be an adventure he’s not likely to forget in a hurry.

Navigating through the countryside, sleeping under the stars, keeping warm in the cold and wet – he’ll be relying on his own body and mind as well as the materials Mother Nature has left lying around to help him survive in the wilderness. And what about food? He’ll be learning about which berries and mushrooms are edible and how to fish for his own supper.

At the end of it, he’ll come back a new man, physically and mentally tested to the limit, with a new found resilience and strength and a deep respect for the world around him.

Fun With A Chopper

Feel the thrill of flying mile high as your man gets the ride of his life. A helicopter flying lesson is more than a mere sightseeing flight. After the thrilling vertical take-off, he gets to have a go at taking the controls, handling his joystick just as if he were training for his pilot’s licence.

Don’t worry, he will be in expert hands. There are fully CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) registered flying schools with experienced and very patient instructor pilots and dual controlled helicopters in many locations across the UK, including private helipads and international airports.

By the end of the lesson, he’ll have a good understanding of the workings of a helicopter and, adrenaline still pumping and with a broad smile on his face, will be telling you how he can handle his chopper like a pro!


If he likes it wet and wild, indulge him with water based activities. There’s rafting or paddle boarding if you want to keep it slow and steady, power boating or white water rafting for a faster pace and scuba diving if he prefers to go down below.

If your guy likes the extreme adrenaline kick of jet skiing or kitesurfing, he will love flyboarding. It’s a totally mad jetpack/hoverboard based watersport that takes you above the surface of the water so you literally surf the air! Of course, there’s also jetsurfing (with a motorised surfboard!), flybiking (a bit like jet skiing in the air) and the latest Australian craze: JetLev flying. Feel weightless over water, up to 10 metres in the air at 50mph on a water powered jetpack. Who knew jet levitating could be such a blast?

A Gorge Experience

Take your man right to edge and watch him squirm with delight. A gorge walking expedition tackles ledges, walkways and cliffs, all in the name of adventure. Discover the beauty of the countryside and coastline as you jump, scramble and slide along the path. Explore Mother Nature’s finest features on foot and get a real sense of freedom and excitement, far from everyday life.

Experienced instructors are on hand with guidance and safety gear includes wetsuits, helmets, harnesses and ropes to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience discovering the natural environment, whether you choose the Welsh mountains, the Cornish coast or head deep into the Brecon Beacons.

It’s physically demanding and mentally exhilarating stuff, and you can be certain that at the end of the experience, he’ll be happy but totally spent.

Dakota Murphey; BA (Hons) Marketing graduate, freelance writer and Photoshop dab hand. When she's not running around after her two kids, you’ll find her relaxing in a nearby coffee shop, watching the world pass her by. If you enjoyed this article, see what else she's been up to on Twitter - @Dakota_Murphey.

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