What You Should Know Before Hiring A Van In Adelaide

Traveling across Adelaide with friends and family would necessitate hiring a van which has a proper seating capacity ranging from 6 to 12 passengers depending on the model of the vehicle.  When traveling in a group small or large, hiring a van is an economical option while ensuring that the group moves together. Hiring multiple smaller vehicles can be an option for the group to travel, but the joys of traveling together would surely be highly missing. It is a special kind of feeling to travel in a group and hiring vans is the most appropriate solution because hiring taxis and cars can be quite expensive. Whether it is for sightseeing in Adelaide or for going on excursions, it makes good sense to hire a van for group travel. Getting in touch with a van rental company ensures that you can travel around the region comfortably and safely.

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The van rental companies can offer a range of vehicles of different capacity from compact 6 seaters to larger vans that can accommodate very large groups. Presuming that you are not familiar with hiring vans in Adelaide, you must prepare well before looking around for van rental service providers. This article should be useful to understand where to begin and how to take the process ahead so that you can hire the right kind of vehicle within your budget and serves your purpose besides making the trip enjoyable.

Know your actual needs

Whatever might be the reason for hiring a van, whether it is for transporting a football team between cities or moving your belongings to another place it is natural that the aspect of cost first comes to the mind.  You must first create a budget for group travel, but the cost could vary according to the purpose of hiring the vehicle. It means what your exact needs are about utilizing the vehicle determines the kind of money you have to spend.  Evaluate the cheaper options with respect to your needs and how much useful it will be for you. Besides rental, you must also consider other cost elements like damage waivers, the capacity of the vehicle and its fuel efficiency and any other incidentals related to your requirements.

Evaluate your options

Browsing the internet is the best way to hunt for van rental companies that are credible operators and offer a safe travel experience. However, never make a mistake to take the companies by face value but look at the testimonials and customer reviews to figure out what customers with similar travel goals like yours have to say about the services. Try to focus on the quality of the workforce of the van rental service provider and find out their punctuality record and whether they had issues with customers.  Evaluation of the reviews will provide insight about the credentials of the van rental company that you want to work with.

Online rate comparison

Just as viewing a wide range of options has become easy due to the car and van rental business going online it has also become easy to compare quotes across a large section of service providers. Share your expectations with the service providers to make them understand your needs correctly. Through the interaction with the companies, you can gauge the quality of service and their attitude in serving customers to keep them happy.

When comparing the rates, you must consider the complete offer and not only the basic rate because even if the basic rate is low, other additional expenses could make it quite expensive. Moreover, you must remember that the lowest rate is not always the best rate because there might be hidden costs that deceive you, and you make the wrong choice. You must consider the rates at the bottom after adding every cost element mentioned in the quote and compare it with the kind of service you are getting to understand if you are getting good value for money together with a comfortable ride.

Have your documents ready

At the time of signing up the rental contract for van rental, you must provide your operator license that the service provider would need for arranging insurance.  It might also be necessary to share your credit card details with the service provider for making a rental payment. Gather information about the local laws and rules that can change at any time and to comply with it the service provider might impose some restrictions on rentals. Therefore, checking with the agents about the requirements in advance will ease the process of signing the rental contract by ensuring that all documents are available with you at that time.  

Age of drivers

The insurance condition often stipulates that individuals between 21 years and 24 years are ineligible for renting vans which you must check with the van rental company.  In such cases, the van rental company might apply an age surcharge with fees varying according to the companies. This clause might not reflect in the quotation and could escalate the cost. Nominating a driver who does not fall in the restricted category helps to avoid additional expenses.

Since the booking is in the name of the driver, you need to pay an additional fee if you want to include the name of more drivers.  You must factor both the aspects of driver age and inclusion of names of additional drivers when comparing the quotes.

Know your responsibilities

Safe driving and ensuring a safe journey is your responsibility when you are hiring a van; all passengers must share it with you.  They must take proper care of the vehicle to protect it from damages and comply with the safety guidelines like wearing seat belts and driving at recommended speeds. Never allow anyone except the nominated drivers to drive the vehicle because it is illegal and can land you in bigger problems. Make sure that the nominated driver has experience in driving vans or at least familiarizes with it quickly before going on the trip.

Most importantly, consider the road conditions and read it right to ensure a safe drive and an enjoyable journey for all.