What's the Best Jockstrap For Me? 9 Tips For Choosing the Best Fit

Boxers or briefs?

This question pops up at random to break the ice in various conversations. But this is also the type of question that a man faces when picking underwear.

Should you keep it loose or hold them in place? This comes up about the feel synonymous with these two underwear types.

But there are other underwear variants available that you can pick. The jockstrap is one of these variants.

Curious if this underwear is the right one for you? Let us look into these pointers to help you find the best jockstrap.

1. Your Jean Size is Not Your Waist Size

When looking for the best jockstrap, the key factor here is the size and ensure it fits you well. With that said, remember that your jean size is not the same as the one for your jockstrap.

Also, jean sizes depend on the brand as they vary by the style and fit they offer. A size 32 from Levi’s may fit you but it won’t be the same with a different brand.

To know your actual size, you need to use a tape measure. Wrap it around your waist and take note of the measurement that you get from it.

Alternatively, you can also try wrapping your waist using a bit of string. Once you managed to make both ends meet, cut the string and measure its length using a ruler. You should be able to surmise your measurements.

2. How Snug Should You Go?

As each jockstrap would be unique and different due to the style and brand, think about how snug the fit should be. In this case, you are looking at whether you want them in place or if you want some degree of freedom. This becomes an important factor if you happen to participate in any active sport.

3. Know Your Size Range

Another factor to note is the size range that you have. The listed jockstrap sizes only pertain to the waistband size. The cup size is another factor to consider.

If you find a separate size listed on the packaging, you might have a better chance. Unfortunately, not many brands list the cup size.

To address this, take note of your jockstrap size range. If the jockstrap came with a size chart, take note of your waist measurement and look at the cup size it corresponds to.

4. Pay Attention to Breathability

The crotch area is one of the portions in your body prone to a lot of sweating, especially when you engage in a lot of physical activity. This is more pronounced for athletes.

Make sure to study the type of material you feel comfortable in. When picking a jockstrap, consider getting those with breathable material. For instance, get jockstraps made of nylon, cotton, or mesh.

5. Make It a Comfortable Fit

Going back to sizes, pick the jockstrap that provides a comfortable fit when worn. It could feel different when compared to wearing boxers and briefs, which cover both the front and back. The jockstrap covers the most important portion.

Due to this, you have to make sure the size isn’t too tight or too loose. You don’t want to have the jock rash while wearing this for long periods.

6. Pick by Style

Jockstraps come in different variants and styles, in the same way, that briefs and boxers would. Shop around and find out about the color, fabric, texture, and style of each one. You can check this jockstrap for some ideas on what to pick.

Also, keep in mind what you want the jockstrap for. A sports jockstrap would have a different style compared to a fashion jockstrap. Keep that in mind while shopping around.

7. Consider Having a Cup

In case you choose to wear a jockstrap for intense activities and sports, you might also want to get a separate cup. This brings both protection and support to your groin while wearing the jockstrap. Whenever you participate in contact sports and there’s a chance of getting hit in that area, a cup keeps it in place, safe from impact.

The downside that you should remember is that it builds up heat and it can chafe. If you participate in sports like track and field, or basketball, set the cup aside.

8. Layer for Added Support

Another setup you can try for extra protection and support is to have another layer of underwear underneath the jockstrap. More layers of undergarments would provide more support to that region.

Wear a pair of compression shorts under the jockstrap. You can also try wearing a pair of snug but comfortable briefs or athletic trunks under the jockstrap.

9. Pay Attention to Where You Will Use It

Form always comes with function. When looking for jockstraps, think of where you should use it and for what purpose. We mentioned earlier that jockstraps usually come in different styles aimed at either fashion or sports activities.

Pick one that suits your needs and comfort, all while ensuring that you also get the support required to keep your groin in place.

Certain sports would have specialized versions of the jockstrap available for use. One example would be swimming jockstrap or swim jocks. These have a narrower waistband to keep it in place while the swimmer darts through the water.

Another example is a windproof jock. These have an extra layer of fabric for both insulation and protection against the wind and cold. Consider using these for winter sports.

Find the Best Jockstrap for You!

When looking for the best jockstrap, you need to remember these pointers. It is all about support and comfort that works for any activity. Find the right one to suit your needs, whether in sports or casual moments.

Now you know that there’s more to underwear than just boxers and briefs.

Looking for more useful tips? We also cover other topics that may suit your needs and interests. Feel free to browse through and read more of our articles today.