Why A Medieval Bow Is What Every Guy Needs

Archery is a great and fascinating sport for any man looking to develop his muscles and improve his mental health. The thrill of shooting and delivering a perfect arrow can elicit a feeling of accomplishment. Whether you intend to use your bow for recreation, hunting or competition, traditional bows and arrows can take you back to the roots of archery.

The bow and arrow history dates as far back as 30,0000 years B.C.E. However, it is during the Middle Ages that the use of bows and arrows in war gained pre-eminence. Medieval bows were primarily constructed in two parts.

A strip of a flexible material like wood was connected at the two ends using a cord to form a tension, and this tightness is what propelled the arrow. The medieval bowstrings were made from hemp since it was the strongest yet least elastic fiber at that time.

Want to know why a medieval bow is what every guy needs? Read on to find out.

It Captures The Old Style

When you think about classic medieval archery, what generally comes to mind is the traditional longbow. The medieval bow is still designed to capture the ancient style of bows that were carried into the battleground.

If you are the guy who enjoys old world archery for target shooting or hunting, then the medieval bow is for you. Medieval longbows are characterized by their simplicity. Since they do not have arrow rests or sights, they require more patience to master and many archers who love a challenge enjoy the learning process.

They Are Easier To Make

A medieval style English longbow is probably the easiest bow to make. For an amateur, it could take less than twenty hours to make one while for a professional, a few hours would be sufficient.  With a DIY kit, you can create your own bow making adventure.

Low Maintenance

Every guy needs a low maintenance bow for their outdoor activities such as shooting at the club or hunting. The medieval bow maintenance routine is simple. Ensure that you keep it clean and dry, depending on the finish. If your bow is laminated with waterproof resins or glue, always rub a few coats of Danish oil to prevent moisture.

You should also keep it in a stable environment; avoid heated areas or places of extreme cold. A dry garage would be very ideal. Always keep your bow flat, back down or hung it vertically with the strings around one end to avoid distortion. It’s that simple. Your bow will be in pristine conditions in a long time.

Ideal For Hobbyists

Archery is an interesting hobby to get into. Whether you are just getting started or you are a professional, the medieval bow is just what you need. You can use it for competition shooting, hunting, shooting on a course or target shooting with your friends.


Well, there you have it; finding the right medieval bow is just what you need for your next battle. You will find the best medieval bows reviews at The Medieval Archers Club that will help you make the right decision.