Why Is Drone Flying Is So Popular?

If, like me, you used to love kite flying as a kid, you probably wished that at some stage your kites would be able to fly higher and faster, and maybe you made them dive and swoop through the skies like an aeroplane.  Well, many years later, as a dad in a technology obsessed society, you and your kids have access to the amazing technology of drone flying to take the humble kite’s place. It has never been simpler to find the best source to buy drone online , and your new flying machine will be ready to fly straightaway.

Here is an overview of why drone flying has become so popular, with over 878,000 drone hobbyists registering last year, and so here is what you need to know to fly one safely and legally.


When Were Drones First Used?

In fact, the origins of drones can be traced back to 1849, when Austria launched an attack on Venice using unmanned hot air balloons that were packed with explosives.  OK, perhaps that might be stretching the definition of the modern ‘drone” which has been defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a remote-less controlled piloted aircraft or missile”. The first uses of modern non-military drone aeroplanes and helicopters has been said to be 2008, when disaster agencies started using them.

How To Fly A Drone Legally And Safely  In The USA

There are restrictions on your right to fly a drone in the USA, whether you choose to fly for fun or run a commercial drone business as a side hustle.

Ironically, without a license you can fly an old fashioned kite higher than a drone! In the USA you are not generally allowed to fly a drone at a height above 400 feet (the rules vary from country to country (for example, the maximum height is 90 meters in Canada). Always check with your local city or town authorities for special ordinances that limit height of flights, or seek guidance from the Federal Avaiation Authority.  

Make sure that you observe basic safety rules, and in all cases always follow the following safe flying rules:

  • check if you are flying inside FAA controlled airspace

  • fly away from populated areas, and away from crowds of people. Maybe you can find is a disused factory or parking area to fly in, and you can find out more information from the owner about how you can get their permission to gain access, enter and fly your drones there  

  • register your drone and keep the registration form with you

  • always stay clear of cell phone masts and electrical lines

  • ensure that you can always have a direct view of your drone, even if it is equipped with cameras

  • keep your wits about you - never drink alcohol or take medications when flying. If you are tired keep you and your family and friends alert, and enjoy a cup of coffee. If you are a regular flyer, why not order Nate's Coffee Subscription Box & Nates Coffee to be conveniently delivered to your home before you go out on your flying mission?


Drone flying is an exciting pastime that will help you to convince your kids to try the outdoors , and will give you and your children valuable bonding time. Take the simple safety precautions outlined in this article and you will be able to enjoy drone flying for many years to come.