Details To Include With Your Submission:

Please provide the following where applicable to you.

  • Name
  • Email
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Blog/Website URL/Podcast URL
  • Number of Monthly Unique Hits/Downloads
  • Social Media Handles [Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram]
  • A Sample of Your Work- Either via an attachment or copy and pasted into the body of the email or via an existing link.
  • Topics You Like To Cover
  • Why You Are An Expert On A Topic


Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the Inside Life 360 show. We’re excited to share your voice and expertise with our audience; whether you are passionate about a subject that impacts creating or growing a business, entrepreneurship, marketing, or are just someone with a unique story and compelling advice to share.

Please read through our terms, details and process before submitting your interest to Scott Robertson at Subject Line: Inside Life 360 Show Guest Submission

Preferable Topic Ideas For Our Audience:

  • Personal development (including motivation, leadership, communication, and health)
  • Entrepreneurship (including online business, freelancing, coaching/consulting, start-ups)
  • Internet marketing (including social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing)
  • Personal and organizational productivity (including outsourcing, systematization, and automation)
  • Work life balance (including optimizing your psychology, health and wellness, tech that can help)
  • The culture of entrepreneurship (including how to teach your children, the debate of going to University vs the University of Life, how to promote an entrepreneurial culture within your work place and does it work?)
  • Stories of Success (including how you made your business a success, how you came back from losing or nearly your business)

And More Specifically:

  • How you got started in business
  • Why you decided to become an entrepreneur
  • The process of starting and growing your business
  • An overview of your business today
  • Advice on your area of expertise
  • Challenges you have faced and how you have overcome those challenges
  • People and/or specific systems and tools you use to run your business
  • Specific habits or activities that are key to your success
  • Specific books or resources that have been helpful to you
  • Your definition of success
  • Recommended action steps for aspiring and/or current lifestyle entrepreneurs


To get the most out of your participation in the Inside Side 360 Show, preparation is key.

1. Send Your Bio & Personal Quote

This will be used in your intro, podcast show notes and any social media sharing. This information will used as your introduction to the show, the website and social media marketing. If you have any Marketing Statements please send us a copy in 500 words or less.

2. Send Your logo/Headshot

Please send us your digital photo, which we will use to promote you on the podcast/website as well as your logo in the form of a jpeg or preferably a png.

3. Photos Best Representing Your Product or Service

If you would like and it’s applicable, please send us quality resolution photos best representing your product or service that we can add to the show notes with your guest interview.

4. Provide A Skype Name For The Interview

If you don’t have a skype name, please let us know so that we can make arrangements. We will be recording audio only. All you need is the microphone NOT the camera.  Please make-

sure that this is completed a least a week before the broadcast date. We do not do interviews via a mobile phones unless otherwise agreed before hand. Please note that using a laptop computer’s built in microphone will result in poor audio quality. If you do not own an external microphone, we recommend you order a Logitech ClearChat USB Microphone from Amazon before your interview.

5. List of Questions

You will be sent a list of tentative questions, please feel free to add questions that you want to be asked, although the final decision will be with the host.

6. Time & Date For Interview.

We will liaise with you to schedule the best time for this pre-recorded interview.

7. The Interview

A typical interview lasts between 30 to 40 minutes, although you should allocate 45 minutes to allow for sound check and brief discussion before and after the interview. To help minimize background noises or possible interruptions (technological or otherwise), please ensure that you are in a private/enclosed area at the time of the interview. The interview will be professionally edited before it is published to help minimize background noises, volume fluctuations, and in some cases, verbal slip-ups.

Promotion & Collaboration

When the show with your interview is live and is published in audio format you will receive an exclusive page on our website with your name, interview title, photograph, biography, and appropriate links to your website(s). Your interview page will remain on our website indefinitely, and may become a source of continued traffic to your website(s).

We will send you a link to your show interview page so that you can download and embed it into your website with links, and show notes. We encourage you to share this via social media and newsletters to your followers, clients and customers and we will support you via our own social media.

Ownership of Produced Media

By participating in Inside Life 360, you are agreeing to allow Inside Life 360 and AME Media & PR to record, distribute, and disseminate the produced media in any manner we feel is appropriate. You also agree to allow Inside Life 360 and AME Media & PR to retain the rights to the produced media for use in our podcast, blog articles, and any other forms of public distribution we may decide to utilize now and in the future.

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