The Inside Life 360 Show™ is a magazine business lifestyle broadcast with fresh news, advice and interviews in a way you can relate to, with the latest stuff you need to know about at grassroots!

To do this, the hosts, Jim and Louise McKenzie and their various guests, delve into everything for digital business, social media and content marketing, outsourcing, personal branding, lifestyle design, leadership, passive income, productivity, and more as well as the mindset, energy, and attitude of entrepreneurship.

We also like to look at the breaking news and issues that impact everyday living, and find the stories of real folks doing amazing things. Don’t expect “dry”! The format is fast-paced, informative, down-to-earth and entertaining.

The Inside Life 360 Show™ is a hub to share, learn and inspire our community of 21st Century entrepreneurs about business lifestyles!


Inside Life Business 360 is a weekly (sometimes more often) short-form 10-15 minutes show designed to teach you one core lesson, concept, or idea each episode that you can take action on easily.

In each Inside Life Business 360 edition, Jim will introduce you to his business lifestyle news, tips and advice, learned and leveraged from his over 30 years as a social business entrepreneur, and from his drive and passion to learn and grow businesses of all types.

The show is a story that paints the whole picture, drawing from his experience in multiple varied businesses, from law practice, running restaurants, to publishing, events, media and PR. From his losing it all to rebuilding a social entrepreneurship business, and business lifestyle that he could only have dreamed – all while being a devoted full-time dad and husband!   


We’re excited to share your voice and expertise with our audience; whether you are passionate about a subject that impacts creating or growing a business, entrepreneurship, marketing, or are just someone with a unique story and compelling advice to share.

If you have a scoop, want to be a guest or have question then follow us on Twitter and tweet to us @InsideLife360 or click here to read through our terms, details and process. For a full list of contact details click here.

Preferable Topic Ideas For Our Audience:

  • Personal development (including motivation, leadership, communication, and health)
  • Entrepreneurship (including online business, freelancing, coaching/consulting, start-ups)
  • Internet marketing (including social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing)
  • Personal and organizational productivity (including outsourcing, systematization, and automation)
  • Work life balance (including optimizing your psychology, health and wellness, tech that can help)
  • The culture of entrepreneurship (including how to teach your children, the debate of going to University vs the University of Life, how to promote an entrepreneurial culture within your work place and does it work?)
  • Stories of Success (including how you made your business a success, how you came back from losing or nearly your business)

And More Specifically:

  • How you got started in business
  • Why you decided to become an entrepreneur
  • The process of starting and growing your business
  • An overview of your business today
  • Advice on your area of expertise
  • Challenges you have faced and how you have overcome those challenges
  • People and/or specific systems and tools you use to run your business
  • Specific habits or activities that are key to your success
  • Specific books or resources that have been helpful to you
  • Your definition of success
  • Recommended action steps for aspiring and/or current lifestyle entrepreneurs