10 Reasons Why Parents Are Sending Their Children To Private Schools

classroom-10 Reasons Why Parents Are Sending Their Children To Private Schools

Education and knowledge go hand-in-hand and one can’t talk about one without failing to talk about the other. Knowledge is power and for you to be termed as knowledgeable, you must be educated. In simple terms, it is through education, that we get or acquire knowledge. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation as it advances from time to time. One viable investment that one can invest it is with no doubt education. Experts from a trusted homework service claim that  It is an investment that absolutely no one can take from you and a lifetime one for that matter. As the late Nelson Mandela says, ‘’Education is the most powerful weapon’’. With education, we can change the world; from wiping out gender inequality, poverty alienation, promoting peace throughout the world, but most importantly live happy fulfilling lives. As a result, parents have invested heavily to give their children an education so as to make them better and useful persons in society. In the education system, there are public and private schools and one can choose either and this is all preferential. In this article, we will discuss why parents are sending their children to private schools. Visit the following link to find out more.  But first, here are the 10 reasons why parents are sending their children to private schools:

❖       Ample resources

❖       Flexibility

❖       Quality education

❖       Quality diet

❖       Smaller class sizes

❖       Alumni networking opportunities

❖       Individual attention to the child

❖       The community feel

❖       Educate the child according to specific religious beliefs

❖       Focus on personal development

Having identified the reasons why parents are sending their children to private schools, we shall expound each point in a deeper perspective.

  1. Ample resources- most private schools will at all times have ample resources. This ranges from fully-stocked libraries, more than enough extra-curricular activities equipment, gym equipment, ample space and even state of the art learning equipment. In public schools, the situation is in most cases the opposite where you will find congested classes and limited resources such as learning material. As a result, most parents are opting to school their children in private schools.

  2. Flexibility- flexibility on private schools features in this sense; if your child happens to be sick or involved in an accident which makes them unable to sit for the end of term exams, they can have a special exam given to them later. This here is not the same when it comes to public schools where if your child misses an exam due to unavoidable circumstances, that’s it. No special exam shall be issued unto them.

  3. Quality education- private schools have well-qualified teachers who are passionate and dedicated to nothing but quality outcome academic-wise. The presence or the availability of ample learning material and equipment such as projectors make demonstrative learning more interesting and students/pupils can easily recall what was taught. The academic performance of private schools is high and this is evidenced enough of the quality education and knowledge imparted upon the students/pupils.

  4. Quality diet- private schools offer quality food unlike in public schools. This fact can be attributed to the fewer numbers of pupils and the fees paid out by parents. Again, to distinguish themselves from public schools, private schools will always go way beyond to offer better quality food to their students.

  5. Smaller class sizes- parents will send their children to private schools over the fact that there are smaller class sizes unlike in public schools where there may be congestion which may eventually affect the overall performance of their children. Smaller class sizes allow close monitoring of the children.

  6. Alumni networking opportunity- since the population in private schools is not as high an in public schools, children here get to interact and form strong bonds. These bonds are useful even after school as they may even help each other career-wise by securing jobs for one another. This is the one thing that makes parents send their children to private schools.

  7. Individual attention to the child- the small populations of private schools means that teachers can get to identify any odd behaviour of a specific child and help him/her accordingly. Help might be by referring the child to a counsellor in the event that the teacher cannot help the child.

  8. The community feel- children in private schools are taught very important life-skills such as respect for their elder and one another as well as co-existing harmoniously. As such, they feel as though the school is a home away from home. These small populations also allow the children to know each other well just as in a community where everyone knows each other. The community-feel is also a result of the activities done together by the students. Such activities may include; mandatory extracurricular activities and going to church together.

  9. Educate the child according to specific religious beliefs- some parents are so strict when it comes to matters religious. As such, they may not want their children to attend public schools as they may fear that their children may grow up and acquire ‘’tainted’’ morals or rather behaviours that may be deemed socially-unfit.

  10. Focus on personal development- private schools offer holistic learning; academic-wise to extracurricular activities and even life skills lesson. Here, children are taught the things that they need to do to become successful from an early age. They are taught the values of keeping time, saving to focusing on one thing at a time and even overcoming procrastination which is one major catalyst of failure. They also are taught to believe in themselves. 

For the parent that loves their child, private schools are the way to go. The above reasons are just but the tip of the iceberg as there is more to private schools as it is explained here.

Investing in your child’s education will never be a bad investment idea. It will at some point in life payout regardless of how long that may take.