Canvas Prints in Boho Style


If your head has been turned by all the spaces inspired by nature that are popular on Pinterest right now, choose items like coloured lanterns and vintage rugs matched to the colours of travel photographs printed on canvas. These can provide a superb contrast to on-trend rattan and bamboo furniture. Think rough edges, plenty of fringing and mesmerizing patterns. A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas prints are usually done in interior design, with stock images, or customized with personal photographs. Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

Canvas prints are commonly used in home decor, either chosen by professional interior designers, or by the homeowner. Canvas prints can be mass produced and available through high street retailers and home improvement stores, such as IKEA, or personalized one-off canvas prints produced from the individual's own photograph, or drawing, usually uploaded via the Internet, or ordered direct from social media websites.

Canvas prints are often used as a cheaper alternative to framed artwork as there is no glazing required and the pine frame is not usually visible, so do not need to be varnished, or treated.

Long before Scandi Cool took over the world of interiors and launched a million fresh, neutral spaces, Boho Chic reigned supreme. A trend with true versatility, Boho is one of those looks that consistently comes back round. And this time, it’s even easier on the eye. Like any solid interiors trend with true staying power, Boho reinvented is refreshed with a twist, something that ensures it’s still relevant and feels shiny and new. Right now, bohemian touches are in plentiful supply, working alongside other key trends to launch a new Boho that’s accessible for all. But what are you looking out for? And does the new Boho fit your personal style? Let’s take a look…

Why Boho is big again?

It’s worth noting that this eclectic style took shape when people started to travel more regularly and widely when commercial flights and package holidays became more readily available. Boho was big news in interiors back in the 60s and 70s but many consider its real heyday to have been in the noughties when the trend also dominated the world of high street fashion. As trends go, Boho is a magpie that borrows interesting items, ideas, colours, prints and techniques from places it passes through. Nowadays, Boho is frequently associated with the colours and prints of places like Morocco but the Bohemians were inhabitants of central Europe. Over time, Boho has come to be thought of as an arty, eclectic and somewhat unconventional style. While this is still true of many Boho interiors, we’re now seeing much more relaxed spaces enhanced with a few Boho pieces. This is in contrast to the melange of bold colour, clashing prints and layers of textiles that we typically associate with the term.

You definitely don’t need to embrace full over-the-top colour or the ‘more is more’ mantra to jump on board the new Boho style train. Simply accent your space with a mix of textures and prints and some cleverly selected accessories that work for you. You can even style against a neutral or completely white backdrop, if that’s more your thing. This can work really well if you’re in a rental pad where you’re restricted in what decorating you can carry out.

Making Boho work for you

A touch of Boho styling works well with so many of the other interiors trends that are big right now. Some patterned accent cushions in interesting fabrics are a great way to update a Scandi- inspired space.The forest of green rooms we’re seeing decked out in leafy prints look great paired with dark wood furniture. Add accessories such as lamps, pillows and throws in jewel shades for a vibrant, luxury 70s feel. Finish with touches of the metallic of the moment – brass - and don’t be shy about putting fabric du jour – velvet – into play too. If you’re not brave enough to invest in a velvet sofa, consider taking the plunge with soft to the touch drapes or go smaller scale and choose decorative cushions you’ll want to cuddle up to.

Craft and curate

There’s no avoiding the fact the best Boho spaces tell a story. While you may want to avoid a cluttered look, it’s logical to put on display your most treasured items in a way that doesn’t look too try hard. Don’t worry if you’ve not yet trotted the globe either, sculpture and crafts from local artists can work just equally well. On a tight decorating budget? Now’s the time to develop your craft skills! Teach yourself macramé and make your own on-trend wall hanging. Try your hand at patchwork to create the perfect floor cushions. If you’re a confident crafter it’s possible to make your own rattan and wicker items – start small with pots and shelves. Another inexpensive way to refresh a room is to recover fabric cushions on vintage wooden chairs or to swap out doorknobs for a quirkier finish.

Boho has always been known as a playful trend with plenty of personality, so how far you choose to take your curation of crafts, collections, colours and items borrowed from other trends, is entirely up to you. Will you be adding a touch of Boho to your home this season?