11 Of The Best Vacation Spots For Single Guys

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Did you know that 1 in 10 Americans have never left their home state?

Perhaps you're a single guy who hasn't done much traveling yourself, but you're finally ready for that big vacation. Or maybe it's just been a while since you've taken a trip, and you're looking for somewhere new and exciting to explore.

But with so many places all over the world worth visiting, how do you decide what cities are worth exploring? What cities offer the best food? The best nightlife?

If you're asking yourself these kinds of questions, wonder no longer, because we're here to help!

In this article, we'll discuss 11 of the best vacation spots for single guys, including a few that are outside of the United States.

Now then, let's get started!

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

There's a reason why Las Vegas is the number one travel destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties. In fact, there may not be a city on this list that is a bigger party destination than Vegas.

When in Vegas, you can see some of the best shows in the world, gamble, shop, or just enjoy the scenery. People-watching in Vegas is an absolute blast too, and everything is available at all hours of the night, which can be fun.

If you pick the right weekend, you can catch a big fight, or another sporting event, if you're a sports fan. Be prepared to spend (and hopefully win) a lot of money, though, as things in Vegas can get pricey rather quickly.

Las Vegas is a can't-miss city for anyone from or visiting America.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana truly is a special city, unlike anything else on this list.

From the nightlife to the architecture, to the music and food, every single thing about New Orleans is completely unique to the city.

Seriously, the food here is amazing. And the music scene is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. Best of all? Bourbon Street stays up all night, so you can party until you can't party anymore.

Sports are year-round, the weather never gets too bad, and it's actually quite affordable to visit the city.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

There's so much to see and do in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you want, you can spend a whole day just enjoying the canal and what it has to offer. You can go on a boat ride, or rent a kayak or a canoe, and enjoy life on the water for a bit.

It would take days to experience all the museums and historic monuments that Amsterdam has to offer. Some of the more notable ones include the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House.

The atmosphere in Amsterdam is incomparable. The buildings are incredible to look at, and the city itself is just begging to be explored.

4. New York City, New York

Like Las Vegas, pop culture has told us all for years that New York City is the place to be if you enjoy partying late into the evening. Well, the rumors are true, New York City is indeed the city that never sleeps.

Any activity you can think of is available to do in New York City. From sporting events, bars and clubs, to enjoy some of the best food in the world, New York City has it all to offer, and then some.

New York City is expensive, but to experience what it's like to be in one of the world's most famous cities is worth every single penny.

5. Miami, Florida

If you're looking for sandy beaches and great weather, Miami, Florida is without a doubt the perfect city for you.

Sure, there's not a ton to do outside of the beach and the nightlife. But if you're looking to party all day (and all night), Miami is going to offer you everything you need to do so.

There are also sporting events, shows, and even a few museums, but the beaches and clubs are the main draws of Miami.

6. Puerto Rico

The Island of Puerto Rico is a wonderful place to visit. The island itself is absolutely gorgeous, with some of the most beautiful weather you'll find anywhere in the world.

The ocean and the nightlife are self-explanatory, but there are also numerous trails available to hike if that's your thing. Everything the city has to offer will leave you wanting to come back and visit again.

7. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is one of the most visited cities in all of Canada, and for good reason. The food is to die for, there are coffee shops on every corner, and the nightlife is thriving every single night of the week.

During the day, there are museums and hiking trails that are waiting to be explored. Also, if you're into sports, you can catch a Canadiens game, Montreal's NHL team, at the Bell Centre.

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8. London, England

London, England is an amazing city to visit.

The nightlife, especially the pub scene, is one of a kind. You'll meet tons of new people, eat some incredibly delicious food, and experience a city that has a lot to offer.

9. Park City, Utah

If you're into skiing, Park City, Utah is the perfect destination for you.

Park City is filled with young, mostly single people who are there to hit the slopes and have a good time. The town has a relaxed, chilled out vibe that is unmatched and is a great spot for someone who's a bit more laid back.

10. Nashville, Tennessee

The Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, is a great place to visit if you enjoy dancing late into the evening with some of your newest friends.

The nightlife scene in Nashville is superb and you can find venues playing just about any kind of music you can think of on every single corner.

11. Sydney, Australia

If you're looking to get your surf on, enjoy the weather and the wildlife, then Sydney, Australia is the place to be.

The people of Sydney are warm and welcoming and will help ensure that your time spent in the city is as memorable as you'd hoped it would be.

Now You Know The Best Vacation Spots For Single Guys!

Now that you're up to date on what's out there waiting for you, you're ready to take a vacation!

These are just a few of the best vacation spots for single guys, all of which are absolutely fantastic places to visit.

If you're planning on traveling in a campervan, be sure to check out our blog, where you'll find more travel tips.