Men’s Shopping Made Easy: 7 Tips To Save Time and Money

A lot of men hate the idea of going shopping and spending their weekly off hopping from one shopping mall to the next, which probably explains why most men make do with few clothes and keep wearing them until they’re ready to be discarded.

While men too want to look great and feel confident about their outfit choices, shopping for clothes is hardly their activity of choice even when they have nothing else to do. If you, too, care about your appearance but hate the idea of shopping, here are seven tips that will make it just a tad bit easier for you to go buy clothing and accessories for yourself more often.

  1. Shop specifics based on occasion. If you’re shopping for a particular occasion, decide what you’re going to wear well in advance. If you don’t have the complete outfit, shop online for the missing item or google the exact stores that sell those items. For instance, if you need a crisp white shirt to wear at a wedding, focus your shopping time on that item only until you’ve found it. This will save you both time and money.

  2. Leave home with a list. You can club several shopping trips into one by making a list of everything you need, from underwear to a new belt to a well-fitted jacket for an upcoming work conference. This way you’ll save yourself a couple of weekends for other activities that you enjoy more than clothes-shopping. You can also divide this list based on the items you can buy online and those you’d like to buy at a store.

  3. Wait for seasonal sales. This is a great way to save money as you can get the season’s styles at great prices. But shopping at sales also means you’ll have to contend with hundreds of other shoppers, which means packed trial rooms and possible unavailability of the sizes and styles you want. However, if the discounts are too good to miss, beat the crowd by shopping in the early hours as soon the stores open. And shop on weekdays instead of weekends—taking half a day off work may end up saving you at least a couple of hundred dollars if not more.

  4. Buy online. Online shopping is your best bet if you’d rather spend your free time binge-watching Netflix. Many men who’re not fans of store-hoping to find the perfect outfit prefer shopping online. Avoid the typical pain points of online shopping by choosing reputable online stores that offer swift home delivery, easy returns and good customer support. This way you’ll save yourself hours of drudge work and will be able to try on the clothing in the comfort of your home.

  5. Don’t fall for cheap clothes. Especially if you’re past your 20s, treat clothes-shopping as an investment. Every t-shirt, shirt or chinos you buy, and every pair of shoes you pick after spending hours looking for the right one, should be of good quality, should fit you like a dream, and should last you more than just a few washes. At the same time, remember that steep price doesn’t guarantee great quality. So pick good brands that don’t cost an arm and a leg, are known for quality and go well with your individual style.

  6. Find inspiration online. Men’s fashion keeps evolving with time, albeit at a much slower pace compared to women’s fashion trends (which change several times each season thanks to fast fashion). If you’re looking to evolve or upgrade your dressing style, there’s plenty of inspiration you can find online. For instance, check out this insightful article that give guys an idea of what to wear on a casual first date. Similarly, if you need to shop for a special occasion but don’t know what would be right, there are plenty of good online style guides with sound advice on men’s fashion.

  7. Don’t follow the runway. You need not follow the latest fashion trends to dress sharp. Trends are short-lived but you’re building a long-lasting wardrobe that would see you through at least the next two seasons. So shop smart and stock up your wardrobe with the basic essentials such as good pair of jeans, chinos in basic colors, casual tees in classic styles, cotton shirts in evergreen colors, and accessories that can be paired with multiple outfits. Perk up your casual wardrobe with colors that look great on you and add to your individuality.