Baby Flexes Muscles With Dad In Super Cute Viral Video

He's only 8 months old, but baby Hadley is already one tough guy.

Want proof? Just check out the pint-sized fella as he shows off his major muscles alongside his dad in front of the bathroom mirror.

Actually, as their now-viral video shows, Hadley's arms aren't so muscular. They're just the normal, pinchably cute baby variety. But with his father's encouragement, the little one is only too happy to strike a pose and deliver a bodybuilder roar — "huuuuuurh!" — all the same.

After a full routine, in which Hadley's dad gets a good abdominal workout thanks to few belly laughs, they wrap it up.

"I think we're done!" Dad says.

Thanks to the clip, the fun continues for the rest of us.

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