Watch: Father Steps In As Flower Girl After Daughter Has A Meltdown

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This wedding got two flower girls for the price of one, thanks to an awesome dad.  

In this viral video (originally posted in June by AVF Approved), which has gotten over 900,000 views, the original flower girl seems a bit hesitant to walk down the aisle. So like any good dad would, her father decides to walk with her. But after a few steps, this little flower girl is not having it anymore.

“No! Daddy, no! I don’t want to!” she cries as she falls to the ground in the dramatic fashion typical of little children. It’s not really a wedding if at least one person doesn’t have a meltdown at some point, right?

But don’t worry. Her father just picks her up and takes over his daughter’s job, and he’s a natural. Plus, the wedding attendees all get a good laugh out of it as he quickly tosses the rest of the flowers and heads to his seat.