Dad Converts Playset Into Enclosed "Tree House" For His Daughter



One dad went above and beyond the call of duty to make his daughter an epic tree house.

On Reddit, user captainpsp explained that his 7-year-old wanted a tree house for her birthday, but the family didn’t have a strong enough tree in their yard to make that possible. As a result, the father took to Reddit to ask if making his own creation would be feasible.

After consulting the internet, the dad put together an amazing build made out of a playset he purchased three years prior. Impressively, the tree house consists of two floors, with the top being fully enclosed and complete with full lighting and A/C. And if that wasn’t fun enough, the only entrance into the hut is through a tunnel connected to a patio.

After posting photos to Imgur, the father wrote: “Ended up putting it together, all the while spending some quality time with my little one. Sadly could not finish by her birthday but she is still super excited. Thanks for your help Reddit.”

Redditors were then quick to respond to the Florida father’s creation. “This is awesome,” one wrote. “My father always told me that if we would have a big yard once he would make something for me like that! A shame we never got a big enough yard so we stayed with just a slide, hope your girl can make lots of memories in that house!”

Another said: “You win the awesome parent award. Maybe in the next six years I can pick up such skills to do this for my kiddo one day.”

Interestingly, the father admitted, “I’m not that skilled. Just some common sense goes a long way. Most of it is just putting screws and bolts in wood. Cedar makes it easy.”

After about 80 hours of hard work, it’s clear this father’s effort has paid off!