Dad Designs Star Wars Head Shaping Helmets

By Isabelle Khoo for The Huffington Post Canada 

After a baby boy had surgery for craniosynostosis, his dad turned his head-shaping helmets into cool “Star Wars” art.

On Tuesday, Redditor ‘mikesweeney’ posted photos of the designs to the site and said: “My buddy's kid had craniosynostosis surgery. His dad designed helmets for a year. Today is the last day of helmets. Happy birthday, Jack!”

Craniosynostosis is a condition where two or more bones in an infant’s skull prematurely fuse together. This birth defect prevents the brain from growing in its natural shape, which is why it needs to be corrected.

After Jack’s adorable photos were uploaded to Reddit, the post quickly received hundreds of positive comments from users. Many praised the father for his parenting and artistic skills, while others suggested that he now start creating cool bike helmets for his son.

But the most touching comments came from those who shared a similar experience to baby Jack. One user wrote: “As a full grown man who had to wear a corrective helmet as a baby, I love this. Your friend is a great father and I wish Jack the best.”

Another said: “My second son was a helmet boy. He had a few bumps to even out and had to wear one [for] about nine months. SO GLAD to get that off! We never decorated ours, but I love this idea! GREAT JOB!”

This isn’t the first time specially-designed corrective helmets have made the news. Previously, Washington-based artist Paula Strawn made headlines for her extremely creative work. In the past 12 years, Strawn has created over 1,200 customized baby helmets, with designs ranging from Hello Kitty to Van Gogh.