Kinsights: An Online Pediatric Health Record Keeper & Parenting Community Review

By Jim McKenzie

I recently checked out Kinsights, a free growing online community for parents on a recommendation; now I have to say that I am a relative newbie to the world of texting and apps - yes, I’m an old-fashioned bookworm and telephone type of guy! So I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this learning and parenting advice service is very user friendly!

It can provide advice on fall family activities, playground safety tips, or is a nifty way of keeping an updated health record on-hand. Now then, I have 7 children, so you can imagine how many health record files, pieces of paper and card that I have accumulated! The pediatric personal health record keeping system looks like an awesomely useful tool, and space-saver. I can only imagine how useful this would be in an health emergency situation too.
In respect of the online community, I like the fact that it is easy and quick for parents to seek useful advice from each other, via Kinsights direct connections, and the most  helpful content rises to the top of the listings by votes from the users. Whilst I am still finding my way around this system, and I can say that it is intuitive and user-friendly, and full of resources, so do check it out. I rate this 9/10.
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RATING: Fatherhood Biz Helpful Site!