Clever Dad Calms Daughter With Official ‘Monster Spray’

Image: Reddit

Image: Reddit

One father found a cute way to keep the monsters under the bed away from his little girl. The remedy is “monster spray” and it can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart.

The dad from Sooke, British Colombia, walked into a local Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy with a spray bottle and asked for some labels to go with it for his daughter Mya, BuzzFeed reports.

The photo of the ‘monster spray’ was posted on Reddit showing the bottle with custom made Shoppers Drug Mart stickers meant to help children fend off the scary creatures for a good night’s sleep.

The instructions read: “Spray around bedroom at night and before bedtime and repeat if needed.” The additional labels say to shake the bottle well and the other, warns the spray may cause a drowsiness or dizziness.

The father came into the store with some examples of ‘monster sprays’ he found online and asked if they could make something similar for his daughter.

Dee Vivian was the pharmacy technician at the time and was more than happy to oblige with the father’s request. She told BuzzFeed that she printed off the labels, which only took a minute and it was all free of charge.

The spray only works on monsters that “come out at bedtime and hide in your closet and under your bed,” Vivian told the Huffington Post.

She recommended to spray the closet, bed and even the windows and doors for “100 per cent effectiveness.”