Tips For Mustache TLC

The mustache became big in the eighties with iconic figures like Tom Selleck leading in the mustache era. But decades after that, it once again faded into insignificance until recently. Due to some impressive examples via social media, more men are starting to reignite the trend. 

Mustaches can be a little complicated and even risky (for some) to follow, so knowing the basics of how to maintain it will certainly be helpful to those who are courageous enough to try. 

But how complicated could it really get? Here are some tips straight from the experts that will guide you how to keep your mustache legendary.


Adjust Your Clippers to a High Guard Setting

If you already have had precious mustache experience and are confidently skilled with scissors, then proceed at your own risk. Otherwise, electric beard clippers or trimmers are the best tools to use for initially shaping the mustache. 

Growing the right amount of hair for a mustache takes a while, so you will want to be careful about trimming it at the right length. 

A good rule of thumb is to set it at high guard around 3 or 4 to not lose that much hair. If you think it’s still too long for your liking, you can always adjust the settings half a bar down at a time to make sure you achieve the length desired.

Consider Your Style and Face Shape

Deciding to sport a mustache is a bit tricky. There’s a fine line between creepy and cool, and if you’re not careful, you could easily fall on the creepy side. 

Does it suit your character? Which kind fits your face shape? These are two important questions to consider when thinking about training a mustache.

What to Do in the Awkward Phase

If it’s your first time donning a mustache, there can be a really awkward growing phase. As you—and other people—try to get used to your new appearance, just confidently grin it out and try to get used to it. 

If you're not yet very sure about the shape, try experimenting with a cop mustache. It’s simple to trim and easy to grow and reshape once you finally decide on a shape. 

If you’d rather take it slow, you can opt to grow a beard along with a mustache to balance out your face. This way, you can test your hair type and evaluate the best course of action. Simply trim the beard when your mustache is all set


As the hair grows under your mustache, it can get pretty dry because they draw moisture from you face and because of the buildup of shampoo or shower gel residues. 

To remedy this problem, get moisturized. Use a reliable facial moisturizer to prevent mustache dandruff and to keep your skin healthy and fresh. It’s not just a thing for the ladies. Moisturizers help keep the skin from looking dry and help it age well. 

For added benefit, always use a reliable shaving cream when you need to shave off a portion of your beard to avoid irritating the skin.

Only Trim or Cut When Dry 

If you want to avoid the mistake of trimming your ’tache longer than necessary, don’t make the mistake of cutting it while wet. The water that adheres to the hair makes the follicles heavier, therefore, making them hang longer. When they dry, you may find a surprise and realize you’ve cut more hair than you should. Instead . . .

Use a Comb

The comb will help even out the hair and prepare it for cutting. As for grooming, it will prevent your mustache from looking fluffy.

Go Ahead and Style

If you are the owner of a magnificent mustache or (congrats!) are able to grow one, you can harness the full power of greatness by tapping into the power of mustache styling. 

Styling is just as important as shaping. Don’t be afraid to explore the right product that fits your hair type, and opt for products that don’t cause skin irritation. 

There are plenty of ’tache-styling videos online you can watch to practice shaping your favorite ’tache shape. 

The mustache is a great style to try, as long as you put thorough thought on whether it suits your own style and if it fits your face shape. When trimming, use an electric beard trimmer on high guard setting, and use a good pair of facial hair scissors to main the length around the mouth. 

Sport that ’tache with great-looking skin by using a moisturizer, especially on the skin under the hair. This will prevent it from getting itchy due to chemical buildup. Comb it from time to time to groom and style as you want with wax, pomade, or other styling products.