3 Good Reasons To Buy A Used Car

Shopping for a car comes with a lot of difficult decisions. Most people want a good car for a good deal, and sometimes they buy new and hope that’s what they’re getting. The truth is, though, that while there are some perks to buying new, you’ll probably get a much better bargain with a pre-owned vehicle. Here’s why:

You’ll save money

The first factor many people look at while car-shopping is the cost. Of course, for some, the zero mileage of a new vehicle means less maintenance and a longer life. But what they may not know is that buying a car with even a few thousand miles on it could save them thousands. In fact, it’s a common saying that a vehicle’s value plummets the second you drive it off the lot.

What that means for you is that buying a car someone owned for a very short period of time could benefit your pocketbook more than you imagined. So, if you thought you couldn’t afford that luxury car you’ve had your eye on, you might be surprised to find one in your budget that’s maybe more than a year old.

Buying used is easier than it used to be

Perhaps you heard your grandad say that buying a used car is buying someone else’s problems. And that may have been the case 20 years ago, when most vehicles wore out after about 100,000 miles. Today’s cars, however, are built to run for 200,000 or more miles before they start having any major issues. 

One reason for this is our ever-advancing technology. Car manufacturers work tirelessly to build automobiles that last and keep up with new trends and competition. And additionally, it’s easier than ever for us to find out a car’s history before we buy it.

Sites like Carfax allow you to input a vehicle’s VIN and get all kinds of information on a car. For example, you can find out if a certain car was ever in an accident and verify its mileage. It’s also easy to find out how many owners it’s had and determine how well it’s been taken care of. 

If you’re hoping to export an American car to a country like Nigeria, then most used cars for sale in USA come with their own guarantees and warranties. And one way to do this with confidence is to buy a certified pre-owned car. Each manufacturer has its own programs that cover these, but the standard is that they meet a specific criteria.

Once they’ve met that criteria, the manufacturer then issues their own guarantees against defects. This often gives buyers the same peace of mind they get when purchasing new. 

Your insurance will be cheaper

Let’s face it, insurance premiums can make or break your decision to buy a new car. Expensive cars are usually more expensive to insure because it will cost more to replace them. They’re also typically built with more expensive parts, making them more costly to repair.

Also, most companies that finance new cars require the highest quality insurance you can buy. This just means that they’ll require lower deductibles on your comprehensive and collision coverage, so that their investment is protected. If your car was to be wrecked or stolen, they want to make sure they’ll get their money back. 

Buying new also means you’ll probably be making payments much longer. So you’ll have more years ahead of you paying higher insurance premiums because they’re dictating your coverage. Buying used, on the other hand, allows you to pay it off sooner or possibly pay for it in full upfront. At that point, you can choose your own coverage and maybe even drop the comp and collision altogether.