Breathing Life Back into Your House

When you leave the house every day, there’s no telling what you’re going to encounter outside. For this reason, when you come back home, you want it to be a pleasant and welcoming experience. Sometimes, this means you need to change things up and create a new aura at home. It could mean getting rid of the old and introducing some new items and themes. Think about what would make your home a comfort zone for you and what it would require you to do practically. Here are ways that you can breathe life back into your house on that note.


Introduce Plants  

If you don’t already have plants in your home, you could be missing out. Add a few to different areas in your house as a way of purifying the air. Also, plants inside of your home could help you bring the outdoors in. There are plants that are specifically made for inside the house, so choose those for best results. Below are a couple of indoor plants that you can choose from.


·         Snake Plant: If you don’t have the time to look after plants, then the snake plant would be ideal for you. It is low maintenance and known for surviving droughts, which means it can survive in various environments. In terms of health benefits, they are known for filtering out chemicals such as xylene, benzene, or toluene.


·         ZZ Plant: For those that live in lower light environments, this plant is an ideal one. It happens to also be drought tolerant and low maintenance like the snake plant. If your plant is in medium indirect light, you may only need to water it once a month.


·         Rubber Tree: These plants are tolerant to a degree of neglect making them perfect for busy people. However, it does need bright light and space in order to thrive and get rid of the carbon dioxide in your home.


Add a New Fragrance  

When you walk into the house, it can be a great feeling to perceive a nice scent. Make a mental note of your top favorite scents and ensure they’re featured around your home. There are a few scents that are great for the home, and one happens to be strawberry, especially if your keen on sweeter smells. Others that are appealing include mint, rose petals, and tea.  

Other tips for making your home smell amazing are to try mixing scents, using incense, and exploring forest-like scents.


Update Your Cabinets  

The interior of your house should be taken into account when you’re reviving your home too. Something that will be frequently seen is your cabinets, so consider upgrading them. Custom cabinet drawer fronts can help give your home a personal touch, so look for some that fit your theme on


Spring Clean  

No matter how many new things that you put in your home, if it’s untidy, dull, and dusty it won’t make that much of a difference. Make time for spring cleaning your entire house so that it has an inner sparkle and glow.

 Before going into spring cleaning, declutter your home. You can’t breathe life into your space if it’s filled with old items that no longer serve any purpose. Also, look around the house at worn items such as throw pillows, side tables, and accessories that could take away from the freshness of your space. When spring cleaning, don’t forget to clean the windows, walls, ceilings, and corners of your house.