3 Signs Of Age And Ways To Turn Back The Clock

It’s a fallacy to say that women are the only ones who care about ageing. We think it’s fair to say that dads and men in general worry about this too. While we may not count the wrinkles, we don’t like staring in the mirror and discovering that we have seemingly aged ten years over night. It’s a harsh reality and one that you probably want to avoid because the signs of age can creep up on you. So the question becomes, what are the signs of age for men and what can you do about them. Let’s explore this in more detail.

The Bulging Beer Belly

Let your gut out while standing in front of the mirror. Do you look like Santa in bathing suit season? If so, you might think that it’s time to hit the gym or go on a diet. However, the answer could be simpler than this and it may point to a problem with your posture. Yes standing the wrong way could leave you with a a rather large, produding belly and the longer you leave this the more of a problem it becomes. Try completing some crunches and start standing up straight to correct this. You can even think about using devices designed to correct your posture over time if you commit to wearing them. That’s great news and something you should certainly consider.

You probably shouldn’t be aiming for the six pack if you are over a certain age. But what you can aim for is a toned tum that’s only slightly round. Reach this point and you’ll shave years off your age. You’ll certainly look better in either a suit or a tee.

Hair Trouble


There are two issues with hair that can make you look older. The first is balding. Some guys can rock this look while others start to look like their father. This is always going to be a personal preference but if you’re not happy with the fact you’re losing your hair, consider getting a professional treatment. The worst thing you can do here is try and cover it with a bad hair cut or a similar tactic. That’s a definite wrong move particularly when solutions like ARTAS robotic hair restoration do exist on the market. With this option you can get the full head of hair you want at any age without the awkward aesthetic of hair plugs.

The other issue that will age you is hair growing from the wrong places like your ears or nose. If you are facing this issue, make sure you buy a high quality trimmer sooner rather than later. It can be the difference between looking forty and looking fifty.

Baggy Eyes

Finally, if you have started to notice bags under the eyes, do consider opting for a spa treatment. That’s right, it’s not just for the girls and the right spa treatment can take years off you, reducing those bags right down. You’ll love looking in the mirror and seeing more youthful looking eyes staring back at you.