3 Tips For Caring For A Child Who’s Just Had Surgery

One of the worst things for a parent is seeing your kids sick or injured. However, what can make this sad situation even worse is if you don’t know what’s wrong and aren’t able to help them. And while most of the time, illnesses or injuries for your children will likely be minor and only last a few hours or days, there may come a time when your child needs more critical medical attention, like surgery, in order to address whatever has gone wrong. So to help you in nursing your child back to health, here are three tips for caring for a child who’s just had surgery.

Know What Discomfort Or Pain Your Child Might Experience

To best help your child right after their surgery, you’re going to want to speak to their doctor about what to expect as far as what hurdles there might be for recovery. Depending on what type of surgery your child is having, their pain and discomfort during recovery will vary. But according to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, some of the most common issues that your child might experience during recovery include pain, soreness, swelling, nausea, restlessness, fatigue, thirst, or constipation. Even if there’s not much you can do for some of these things, simply knowing what you might be facing when your child gets home from surgery can help you both mentally in surviving recovery.

Prepare Your Home For Your Child’s Return

For some surgeries, your child might have to stay at the hospital for a few days before coming home. With other surgeries, your child may be able to come home the same day as the surgery is done. Regardless of how long it takes for your child to get back home, it’s a good idea to prepare your space for them and their new medical needs regarding their recovery. According to Amanda Gardner, a contributor to WebMD.com, you might want to do things like have them sleep in a room closer to a bathroom, keep nightlights on in the event that they have to get up when it’s dark, and keep all walkways clear so you and your child can safely walk around your home without worrying about tripping hazards.

Find Ways To Stay Busy

For children, one of the hardest parts about recovering from surgery is finding ways to stay busy without putting their health in danger. Most kids are full of energy, so it can be very challenging to have them sit still and rest during their recovery. To make this a little easier, Jennifer Whitlock, a contributor to Very Well Health, advises that you get things like books, movies, puzzles, or games that will keep your child entertained and calm without getting bored.

If you have a child who’s about to undergo surgery, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you best care for him or her during recovery.