3 Tips To Aging Gracefully As A Man

Aging affects both men and women, but focusing on graceful aging isn't the preserve of women alone. To look and feel good throughout all aspects of your life is an immense confidence booster. Everyone around you responds to power and a well-dressed gentleman. A smart look may pull-in new clients, further your career and have you exude a feel-good factor leaving you feeling a top of the world regardless of whether you're forty or sixty.

Aging gracefully is all about effort, thus, follow this guide:

1. Exercise

Many people aged 50 and above end up paying for a sedentary lifestyle in their younger years. They missed perhaps the essential element of aging gracefully; exercises. Older adults now suffer high rates of heart disease, obesity, impaired cognitive function, metabolic disease, and early death.

Staying active is a vital component of aging well. On average, women lose 23-percent of muscle mass between 30 and 70 years as per National Academy of Sports Medicine. With exercise, however, more so resistance works specifically, increase strength and mass well into the '90s.

Staying fit minimizes the possibility of dementia as per the Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. Additionally, Alzheimer's disease accounts for roughly 60-70-percent of dementia cases; however, physical activity reduces the statistic by 25-percent.

2. Dress the part regardless of age

Different from women's fashions, men's tend to remain consistent over many years. Thus, you need not agonize about wearing what's currently in style, but what looks great on you and fits well. Consider consulting a tailor for clothes you wear to work and special occasions.

Well-fitting and sharp attire help in maintaining a great look no matter your age. For fitness enthusiasts, tailoring clothes affords you the opportunity to flaunt the fruits of your healthy eating and fitness routine, which also boosts your confidence no matter the situation.

Dressing sharply increases the possibility of success in life. New clients, a job promotion may come your way for merely dressing smartly. Anti-aging is important to men, especially in their love life. Your dating life will also hit new heights with great dressing and physique.

3. Watch your diet

Nutrition determines how your body ages. For instance, a low-glycemic diet, one high in whole grains, lean protein, vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Great examples include the Mediterranean diet, plant-based foods; abundant in nuts, red wine, and whole grains. It also entails eating fish bi-weekly and reducing salt intake. Research claims such a diet helps you age better by countering premature death, strokes and heart attacks as per Harvard Medical School.

Foods like salmon, flaxseed, and walnuts aid the skin produce essential oils it requires to safeguard itself and results in people looking younger.

Contrarily, fatty, sugary and carbohydrate-laden foods – think white bread, soda and chips speed up aging. When dining out or shopping, pick natural sweeteners and whole grains.

Also, you must control how much you eat. Overeating reduces your lifespan and increases the odds of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

To age and live longer, adhere to a balanced diet comprising of about; five ounces of protein, 3 cups of dairy, two cups of fruit, two and a half cups of veggies and six ounces of grains every day.