4 Things To Know About Buying NFL Salute To Service Gear

The National Football League (NFL) Salute to Service initiative is a program that seeks to Empower, Connect, and Honor military veterans for their great service, sacrifice, and heroism. This program has been able to raise over $26 million since 2011 for military and veteran non-profit organizations.

NFL supports its main military non-profit partners, namely the Pat Tillman Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, Bob Woodruff Foundation, and Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors by providing resources and funding programs in order to improve the lives of the military veterans as well as those of their families.

Part of this Salute to Service program involves selling of special gear more specifically hoodies, t-shirts, jerseys, jackets, and hats. They are available in all sizes and for all genders. You can be a part of this great initiative by purchasing this merchandise.

To guide you further, here are 4 things to know about buying NFL Salute to Service gear:

1.    The Gear Is Officially Licensed

The NFL Salute to Service gear is unique and comparable to no other. It is officially licensed apparel so you don’t have to worry about getting substandard gear. Trusted brands such as Nike partner with NFL to create this gear so you can rest assured that you are getting legit merchandise.

2.    The Gear Is Branded For Different Teams

There are 32 teams that play in the National Football League such as Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, the list goes on and on. You can buy gear with the branding of your favorite team as a proclamation of your solidarity to them all the while contributing to the Salute to Service initiative.

3.    The Gear Has Exemplary Quality And A Unique Finish

The Salute to Service gear is made using high-quality material ranging from 100% polyester material for hoodies, t-shirts, and jackets, Acrylic and Wool for hats and visors, embroidered fabric applique, easy machine wash, good cloth weight, different colors and sizes, and highly durable.

The fabric used to create this gear syncs well with your body temperature so you won’t experience uncomfortable heat when you have them on.

4.    The Proceeds Of The Sales Are Donated

As you buy the Salute to Service NFL gear, the proceeds from the sales are not directed to the NFL, rather, they are donated to non-profit military service organizations to help military veterans.

The Salute to Service program is purely aimed at honoring and helping veterans both alive and surviving, the wounded, and the deceased by reaching out to their families for the betterment of their lives.

The funds derived from the sales are given to these non-profit organizations which then link up with the veterans and channel the proceeds to them. As you buy the NFL Salute to Service gear, you are partnering in the program to appreciate these military heroes.


So now you know what revolves around buying the NFL Salute to Service gear. It’s not just about adding extra apparel in your wardrobe or supporting your favorite team, it’s also about honoring military veterans.

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