4 Things Dads Can Do When Their Daughter Gets Engaged

4 Things Dads Can Do When Their Daughter Gets Engaged

For a woman, getting engaged is one of the most overwhelming, amazing, exciting, precious and memorable moments of their entire life. They have found their soul mate, their true love, that man who is going to look after her until death says they can’t. It is amazing. But for you, the father of the bride to be, it is an immensely overwhelming time too.

Yes, they are still your little girl and they always will be. There are loads of reasons why dads are always the most important man in their life, always. But something has changed. There is another man that promises to look after your little girl with the same level of adoration. But before you walk her down the aisle and give her away, there are some things you can do after they get engaged.

Turn Up With Champagne

You’ll want to let the newly engaged couple enjoy a little celebration on their own and reminisce on how they got to where they are, but turning up with a bottle of champagne or two when they are back from wherever they are is a great way to show how excited you are for them. Chances are, he asked for your blessing and you agreed, but this is your chance to share an intimate toast with your little girl, to give her that dad smile and that cuddle she will never get bored of.

Offer To Sort The Engagement Party

Your daughter may well want to organize this herself, but a lot of brides to be just want to get straight into the wedding planning. This is where you can relieve a lot of stress and throw them the engagement party they deserve to have, to get all of their childhood friends and family around to raise their glasses to the happy couple. Ask them who they want to come and where they want to have it, but just let them know you’re willing to take the stress out of it for them.

Insure The Ring

Most brides to be are too giddy to think about anything but the fact they have just gotten engaged and that there is now a beautiful journey full of endless possibilities to choose from; location, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, venue, food and everything else. So why not be the best dad ever and get their Tacori engagement ring insured for them. It is the little things like this that make dad’s so amazing and so irreplaceable, and it will be a gesture to your son-in-law that he will never forget. Besides, if your daughter does lose it, oh man, you’re going to have a horrendous phone call to endure. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Be The Mother Of The Bride’s Assistant

The role that the mother of the bride plays is so special. It is one of the moments that every daughter cherishes and every mother laps up and all you’ll be able to do is look on with a tear in your eye. However, you can make this bond a little more special by offering to help with anything that needs doing, and you can do this right up to the big day. It could be someone to take them to the different venues on their list, picking anyone up from the airport that needs doing so, making sure lunch for the bridal party arrives on time; anything and everything.

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