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Proposing to Your Partner in 2018 - Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

Did you know the average person spends over 3 months looking for the perfect engagement ring? Proposing to your partner can be a very daunting task, especially if you aren’t 100% sure they will say yes. However, 2018 may be the year you want to ask the question. If so, be sure to get your partner to perfect engagement ring.

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4 Things Dads Can Do When Their Daughter Gets Engaged

For a woman, getting engaged is one of the most overwhelming, amazing, exciting, precious and memorable moments of their entire life. They have found their soul mate, their true love, that man who is going to look after her until death says they can’t. It is amazing...

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How To Deal With Unwanted Wedding Guests

Your wedding day has to be perfect – it’s the best day of your life! And while the bride and grooms’ families and close friends will be there to witness the start of their life together, what about the people you don’t particularly want to invite? Can you not invite some people?

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