Proposing to Your Partner in 2018 - Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Rings


Did you know the average person spends over 3 months looking for the perfect engagement ring? Proposing to your partner can be a very daunting task, especially if you aren’t 100% sure they will say yes. However, 2018 may be the year you want to ask the question. If so, be sure to get your partner to perfect engagement ring.

Having a unique engagement rings is something of a dream for many girls. There is something so special about getting an engagement ring that is different from everyone else’s.

There are hundreds of different styles for you to choose from, however, to make that ring extra special make sure to visit Berganza. keeping up to date with the upcoming ring trends is also a top tip of ours for you to do, especially if your other half is into fashion and up to date trends.


Look into the different gems

 The engagement ring you choose doesn’t have to include a diamond. Instead, you can choose gems such as Sapphires, Ruby’s, Aquamarine’s, etc. to give the ring a bit more colour. This is a great way to make the engagement ring more unique and stand out on your partner’s finger.


Engagement Rings to Match Their Star Sign

Another tip for you to consider is to get a ring to match your partner’s star sign. You can easily find rings that match your partners star sign online. If your partner is very into researching star signs and reading up on their own star sign, this could be a great idea for you to consider when looking for the perfect ring.

To give you more of an idea on what engagement ring to get your partner, we’ve created this infographic in order to find the perfect engagement ring. Be sure to check it out below. Take plenty of notes as you may need them when you begin shopping for that all-important ring. Make that moment the most memorable occasion in your life with the perfect engagement ring.